Finished Kutani’s Route! Now Onto Inukai’s!

YES! I finished Kutani’s route. Phew! Now I’m satisfied, so I can now enjoy the rest of the routes. Inukai is next. I wonder if any of you guys figured where I got the order of routes to go with. I don’t really have time to quickly finish off Inukai’s route, since I have school and all and there’s a pretty high chance we’re gonna get homework. It doesn’t help either that my hands are freezing from the coldness of winter. Once we reach Spring, thank goodness. But that’s until two months. So yeah, starting tomorrow, I won’t have a lot of time to update, but I think there’s a public holiday or two. I’ll recheck my diary and see when I can jam in time and also when I finish this term, so I enjoy another set of holidays. Can’t wait until the long Christmas holidays! 8 weeks for the win! I finish school this year in November which is…about 4 months away. Woohoo! If you think about it, that’s not very long, considering that the second semester is always fast. I wonder if I can get my DARK CHERRY game at the end of this term? Still a long ways away, but I rather play it during the holidays. HONEY MILK came in my second week of my 2nd term, so it took a while to finish. SUPER MINT was completed in two days, since I was practically free during the holidays. Term 3 has one of the least amount of assignments, but probably the most exams, so I’ll probably be busy studying for that. Semester 2 is a time for a fresh start, so I’m going to do my best. Gotta swap out of Home Economics though. Can’t stand that class any longer.

Oh yeah, ViViD’s BLUE is released today, but as I said the other time, I’ve combined it together with D=OUT’s ROMAN REVOLUTION, so it hasn’t been shipped yet. Those who watch Bleach will be hearing ViViD’s BLUE.

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