Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayorihime Impressions

Oh…my…freakin’…gosh. How long does it take to complete ONE FREAKIN’ ROUTE!!?? This is probably the longest game I have played in Otome history. I actually want to get this first route over and done with, because I started with Kutani first and well, he and I don’t click. The playing order is this: Kutani –> Inukai –> Komura –> Atori –> Oomi –> Onizaki. I have read reviews on this game and they’re mixed. Some liked it, some didn’t mind it, some wish they didn’t play it. I don’t mind it, but this is the longest game I have ever played in my life, otome games of course. The longest overall game I have to say is Star Ocean The Last Hope and Final Fantasy XIII. Anyways, I really like Onizaki Touma, Inukai Hibiki and Komura Rei. Onizaki is a tsundere to the max, Hibiki is just ownage and Komura is so adorable! Aotori and Oomi were so-so, they kind of bore me though. Kutani…don’t get me started. I like how he’s devoted to protecting Saya, but…it makes him sound stalkerish. That and I just can’t stand those dreadlocks or whatever in his hair. They distract me…

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