I finished this game last night, but I never got the chance to review but now. Wow, got this game on Tuesday and finished it on Thursday. I’m surprised. The CG pack is already up and you can go here to download both HONEY MILK CGs and SUPER MINT CGs if you haven’t got them. Once again, please comment when taking them as they took awhile to put together neatly. Oh and I haven’t got the FFVIII Review up yet, well, because Ultimecia is a pain in the ass alright? Okay, let’s start the review.

My Opinion: In a way, I find it much more enjoyable than HONEY MILK, but that’s probably the new interaction between Iori, Lucy and Takumi. The disappointing thing about the game is that is lacks some parts of the story plot and Killer Nightingale does not have a major role to the game AT ALL. Anyways, as oppose to HONEY MILK’s yellow colour theme, SUPER MINT’s colour is blue and I find it more refreshing than yellow. Music was mostly the same for HONEY MILK, the only thing different was the newest tension music and the themes for the new guys. I liked Iori’s theme, because it was cool, but I thought Lucy’s theme really soothed me. Takumi’s theme did the same for me. It’s a standard visual novel, so you pick choices and that will result in what endings you’re getting andwhat route you’re on. It’s a very simple and easy game, I highly doubt you’ll get a bad end, unless you’re willing to get it. I don’t know about you, but my version is a bit on the laggy side. Like whenever I open up the save menu, it will slowly come up, but that’s probably because of my poor laptop. Anyhow, CGs were a much better improvement from HONEY MILK. While HONEY MILK gives you a more bright atmosphere, SUPER MINT gives you more serene, cool and beautiful CGs. If you downloaded my CG pack, you will probably agree. Lucy has the prettiest CG by far; not going to lie. Skinshipping returns in this game, but I kind of find it tedious now; I just don’t know why though. Apart from any positives I said up there, I wished they would go more into the plot, because the whole riot between Shinjuku (only for a short time), Shibuya and Roppongi was almost…vague. I know how it started and all, but when you get to the end of it…it almost seemed to end suddenly, especially in Lucy’s case. Takumi’s route explained very little of it. Iori was probably the only one that went into full detail, but still pretty vague at some points.


So like HONEY MILK, the battle for the three guys to chase after Chihiro will be used again. The theme dokidoki returned, whilst comedy and personality are the new themes. Dokidoki featured Kirishima Iori, Momose Ayumu and Hamada Shinnosuke. Ayumu’s confession was more cute than dokidoki. Shinnosuke started stripping which ultimately got him a red card. Poor Chihiro. To me it was funny because I was behind the screen of the laptop, but seriously, if I were Chihiro, I wouldn’t want a guy to start stripping in front of me. And of course, Iori’s confession was dokidoki so he won. Was there ever any doubt? Personality featured Lucy, Moroboshi Tetsu and Ninomiya Yuuto. Tetsu tried to be himself by showing his spirit for baseball…but it wasn’t a confession. Yuuto, oh good grief, bought the land around Chihiro’s home, which she was not impressed about and told him to return the land to the owners. Yeah, seriously, what is she going to do with all that land? She does not live in a mansion like you Yuuto. Lucy won by reading out a poem, dedicated to Chihiro. Really, who couldn’t tell that was going to happen? Comedy featured Kujou Takumi, Rudou Jesus and Misaki Kotarou. I love how Jesus is like, ‘wth is this crap? i’m not going to do that’. He actually started talking back to the president. Anyhow, he threated Chihiro like he did in HONEY MILK. Hey I’m not complaining. I rather he be himself, than to be funny…you know what? I don’t think it’s possible for him to be funny…comedy wise. Moving on, Kotarou tried to make a joke, but it was too long so the president stopped him. To be honest…I had no idea where he was going, but it was funny how he acted when he had to stop. Takumi tried to be funny by adding a funny quote into his serious speech and it ultimately made Chihiro laugh, so he won…I still don’t see it…So with the three boys chosen, they can now start the dates!

Day 1

First date spot is Galaxy Land and there are two ways to get there. One is by train and the other is by cruise. Depending on which guy you’re after, the choice will either raise or not raise his affection. Either way, you’ll end up in Galaxy Land anyways. So when you arrive there, the boys start to bicker about where to go next and you’ll have to choose a place to make them stop. Boys will be boys…so anyhow, before you go home, you get to enjoy the last time of the date by picking whoever you want, by skinshipping them. So that’s the first date for you.

Day 2

Remember in HONEY MILK when I said the eliminated boys from TYB become your bodyguard, well, Shinnosuke is your bodyguard for the day. It’s funny because he stayed up all night making sure no one came close to your house to protect you from stalkers. He sounds like a stalker himself when I heard and he denies being called a stalker. I think Killer Nightingale shows up shortly in this day or was it day 1? Well anyways, I was expecting him to appear early on so I didn’t get a fright like I did in HONEY MILK. Seriously, expect that he will show up very soon. So day 2 date is at Rounge 1, a sports building mostly. There’s also an arcade and karaoke bar in there. Before you head to Rounge 1, you can pick to go by the main path or take detour, because Takumi worries for the safety of Chihiro, because of the gangs that hang around the main path. Either way, I will say it now, there will be some sort of trouble, but will vary the affection of the guys if you pick a choice. Once you get there, a staff member will tell you that there’s a problem with their equipment so they will need to check it, leaving you guys to have a break. Lucy then starts to explain the chaos happening in Tokyo and then you get to play sports. The guys all have mixed opinions in what they want to do, so it’s up to you to choose what you what to do by skinshipping a guy. Geez, these guys argue more than Yuuto and Kotarou in HONEY MILK…Whatever sport/game you choose, the day finishes with you skinshipping a guy and you go home.

Day 3

Chihiro was suppose to meet up at the Yamanote Dome, but Killer Nightingale appeared. Even with Tetsu as your bodyguard and Shinnosuke (he was stalking Chihiro) guarding you, Killer Nightingale merely swat them away like flies. Before he could hurt Chihiro, Jesus appeared and stabbed Killer Nightingale, ultimately having some blood splattered into Chihiro’s mouth (that’s kind of disgusting actually…). After that, Chihiro was taken to the hospital because she had fainted. You know, it sounded like Jesus was really concerned for her when she fainted, even if he still called her ‘onna’. I went to the history and replayed his, ‘Oi onna! Onna!’ over and over, because he really did sounded concerned. So anyways, she wakes up in the hospital with Shinnosuke and Tetsu watching her and soon enough, Iori, Lucy and Takumi burst into the room, shouting their concerns for her. The President also came in and announced that he wanted to stop TYB, because it’s getting dangerous (don’t bullcrap me; you have no use for TYB anymore because the virus inside Chihiro is destroyed). Chihiro and the boys refuse to accept this and eventually, the president agreed to allow TYB to continue. So anyways, after all that drama, they head over to Angel Fort and yeah, pretty much the same like above. Choices, choices, skinshipping, skinshipping, that kind of thing. After the day is over Chihiro heads home and from then on, individual dates with the guy with the highest affection points will be on.

Kujou Takumi

I’ve chosen him to be first, just because out of the three guys, he is my least favourite. I don’t hate him, but he just doesn’t appeal to me as much as the other two; Iori and Lucy’s seiyuu Kaji Yuuki. Oh yeah, he is voiced by Yusa Kouji and I know most of you are worried that he will become a rapist like other characters he played. Well no, Takumi is really adorable and really loyal to Chihiro, so yeah, no raping here. Takumi is very protective of Chihiro, being her ‘knight’ and all, making sure she is safe and that no harms comes to her. He often bickers with both Lucy and Iori, mainly because Lucy and him started off on the wrong foot and he can’t get along with Iori’s slang and neither can Iori with Takumi’s confusing use of words. But even this knight has his adorable moments. Like Kotarou, he’s afraid of heights and refuses to go on the Splash River, which is the jet coaster in Galaxy Land. When you’re playing Iori’s route, you’ll see what I mean. Iori teases and makes fun of him at the end of it. Poor Takumi. But there was one thing that I wouldn’t let go, if he was her knight then why would he let her walk home, alone, in the middle of night? Because she was almost killed by this Shibuya guy that tried to hit on her, whilst she tried to stop the fight between him and a Roppongi guy. Takumi saved her the then, but then she almost got killed by the damn guy. If it were me in Chihiro’s position, I would have just ran and not wait for the police officer to stop him, because what if the police wasn’t there? Anyhow, I wouldn’t let that go and I’ll expand on this more in Takumi’s true route. His normal and love route is just them having fun in his home place, Meguro. Chihiro meets his mother and sister, who are nothing like him. I think only Takumi and his father are similar in the family. Like father, like son eh? Anyhow I think his normal and love route were plain in a way. At one point I wanted to stop and go on with his true route, but I stopped myself so I can listen to the whole thing. Anyways, once you get the true route ending, he says he will always protect Chihiro. Now on with the true route, this starts on Day 5 where Chihiro tells Takumi that the Shibuya guy almost tried to kill, making the knight panic and starts to get mad at himself for not being there to protect her. I’m glad you see it my way Mister Knight. So anyways, on the true route, you learn more of the chaos between Shibuya and Roppongi, thanks to Lucy of course. As Takumi allows Chihiro to go home by herself at night (NOT THIS CRAP AGAIN D:<), she gets kidnapped. Takumi gets a phonecall from the guys who kidnapped her (Shibuya gang members) and threatened Takumi to come along to the warehouse they kept her captive and told him not to tell anyone about this, or Chihiro’s life will be ended. In other words, she will be killed if Takumi told the police about this. So needless to say, Takumi goes over to save her, but the gang members attacked him. He wouldn’t attack back, knowing they will hurt Chihiro if he did. Man, why must you be kidnapped Chihiro? Don’t turn into Yuna! After seeing that Takumi was going to fall at anytime, the gang pulled out a gun. Yes, I said gun. And to think that this game couldn’t get any worse. What seemed like the gang shooting, turned out to be the police and Takumi’s father. The gangs flee, whilst the police chase after them. Takumi’s father found this out, only because his son was acting strange and I think it has something to do with the phone too. In the end, Takumi and Chihiro are together and once again, the knight says that he will always protect Chihiro. After playing his route, I wasn’t expecting much from the rest, so don’t expect much. Takumi’s route was adorable during the beginning, but then it started to drag on and on to the point where I just wanted to skip through the whole thing.


Real name is Isono Rui, but he hates it for some reason. He’s a trap yes, but I can take him better than Ayumu, because I love Kaji Yuuki’s voice (it makes him sound very manly) and I just like Lucy’s clothing style in general (maybe not the heels so much…). Lucy hates to be called cute and prefers the term cool. It’s so funny everytime Iori says he’s cute, Lucy would be like, ‘whadya call me *glare*?’ and Iori would cover it up saying he’s cool. Lucy is like a huge idol in Akihabara, so popular that he even has fans who dresses up like him, which if I may add, is very creepy and stalkerish. They even have the same freakin’ hair colour as Lucy. So anyways, Lucy likes to be independant and not rely on anyone to do anything for him, so basically he does everything for himself and lives alone. To earn money, he does part time jobs and I also think he gets money from doing concerts as well, but I could be wrong. He has this power where he sings and everyone just calms down and I’ll go into more detail with that later. So in the normal and love route, Chihiro just spends the day with Lucy in Akihabara. Chihiro noticed some Shibuya guys (or was it Shinjuku?) messing around with some otakus. While Lucy found it interesting, Chihiro doesn’t and wants it to stop. Because he admires that quality of hers, Lucy agrees to sing and it calms them down. A police officers tries to stop the singing, but Chihiro refuses to let him to. The police then gets mad and starts to hurt her (okay man are you police or aren’t you!?). Lucy gets pretty damn mad and forces the police officer to let Chihiro go, which he does (you’re a freakin’ police officer! you shouldn’t be scared so easily!). Lucy said he won’t sing anymore today, because he knows that something will happen to Chihiro if he does. The second day of their date was at Lucy’s live and this is where his stalker fans appeared. They pushing around otakus to get the front seat and they even sneered at Chihiro. During the live, Chihiro gets pushed around by the Lucys (seriously…they couldn’t come up with a better name???) and they started to get pretty violent (can’t imagine Chihiro fighting back, but I sure wouldn’t let those guys push me around). Lucy came in time to stop them and even yelled at them to not hurt Chihiro anymore (wow…I replayed that yell over and over, because it just amazed. He even called them ‘kuso yarous’.). His fans ran away whilst the crowd cheers because of how cool he was. At the end of the day, Lucy sings a song for her and when Chihiro gets home, she gets a message from Lucy saying that she is special to him. The final day is just the two at Lucy’s house, cleaning and cooking together. In the true route, it branches on from the incident during Lucy’s live. He says this is the first time ever his fans get violent and that they have never been like this before. Guess what it could be related to? Yes, the riot between Shibuya and Roppongi. So the next day, Lucy takes Chihiro to a net cafe so they can gather information on this and to get the information, Lucy has his own fansite and uses it to his advantage. I’m not going to go into detail with this whole inspector thing here, because I’ll cover that in Iori’s route. So together with Lucy, she decides to write lyrics for the love song Lucy was to sing, hopefully it would calm the people down. Yuuto (I THOUGHT I GOT RID OF YOU!) appeared the next day to take Chihiro to the studio Lucy was at (STUDIO YUUTO. Again with all these pathetic naming sense…). So Lucy broadcasts his song to the people, they calm down and the fighting stops. After that, Chihiro and Lucy live a normal life together and that he wants to know more of Chihiro’s world. Sekai, sekai, sekai is pretty much the most used word in Lucy’s speeches. I got sick of hearing it afterwards. His route was pretty vague as well, but at least it went into more depth than it did in Takumi’s route. I just wish the ending wasn’t so abrupt, not that I want to make it bloody like HONEY MILK endings. It just disappointed how easy the ending was. But really, with Lucy’s voice and cool personality, I couldn’t hate him. His route was interesting for the first half and a bit, but it pretty much dropped as the ending drew near.

Kirishima Iori

However way you see, Iori is the main guy of SUPER MINT. He is very loyal to Chihiro, dedicating himself only to her and declining his fans offers just to be with her. Because he’s my most favourite guy, I was hoping there wasn’t anything that made me rage at him like I did with Yuuto (I still haven’t fully forgiven him yet!) and thankfully, there wasn’t really anything, other than me calling him an idiot at some points. Not as much as Yuuto though, he’s the more idiotic one. Iori likes to have fun and doesn’t mind challenges. He has a lot of admirers in Shibuya who look up to him, like the youngsters of Roppongi looking up to Jesus. He has a younger sister named Itsuki, who is really frail and is hospitalised. Iori’s route explains the whole riot between Shibuya Roppongi, so I’ll try to go into as much detail as I can. His normal and love route is just a normal hangout, with Iori showing Chihiro around Shibuya. I really don’t want about the more peaceful parts of it, so I’ll get on to where the Roppongi people and Shibuya people are fighting with one another. Iori comes in to stop it and the Roppongi people eventually leaves. The people of Shibuya ask Iori to fight against Roppongi, which Iori declines at first. But later on at night, Chihiro gets a phonecall from Iori saying he’s going to be fighting Jesus (oh no you didn’t 😡 you didn’t do what I think you did). So when he hung up, Chihiro ran out of her house and went into the streets of Shibuya. Jesus and Iori were engaged in a fight by the time Chihiro arrived. She shouted for this stop and she even shouted ‘urusai’ for the first time (you go girl! whoo!) Eventually, Jesus and his Roppongi followers left and Iori apologised to Chihiro, but the two eventually laughed it off and returned home. So they pretty much hung out after that and eventually become a couple at the end of the love route. Now then, true route. This begins after the fight between Jesus and Iori. Chihiro convinces Iori to tell Itsuki what happened and afterwards Iori takes Chihiro to the park where he explains how Itsuki fell ill and that he swores to protect her. Get ready for some long flashbacks. The next day, Shinnosuke appeared to them and started to explain to them about the whole riot and ‘inspector’. One of the messages shocked Iori when Shinnosuke showed them it from his laptop. Because it seemed to Iori that the messages sounded very much similar to his sister. His sister turned out to be ‘inspectator’ after Iori asked Itsuki about it (I hope that’s right…my Japanese is very bad). That night Iori burst into tears, hugging Chihiro and crying into her shoulders, because he couldn’t protect Itsuki. He ran away after that and Chihiro didn’t see him again until the next day, where he tells the Shibuya and Roppongi people that he was ‘inspector’. Chihiro knows it’s not true and Yuuto’s butlers came up to and told them to come with them, because Iori wants to see her. Once she reached the studio, she starts yelling at Iori for doing such a thing. He then starts to ask a favour out of her and she goes along with it, for his sake. Chihiro appeared before the Shibuya and Roppongi people and (this is where my Japanese fails on me so it might not be accurate. Try another blog that review this to get a better and more accurate idea) tells them to attack Iori once he arrives. So when Iori does come, all the Shibuyans and Roppongis started to attack him mercilessly and Chihiro couldn’t stand it anymore. By the time everyone stopped attacking Iori, he was bruised and battered. Nevertheless, he thanked Chihiro for helping him out and Jesus then appeared and said he was leaving, with the Roppongi followers going after him. Yuuto then arrived and cleared the area and told his butlers to take Iori to the hospital. After that, Chihiro and Iori are together and visits Itsuki in the hospital, before going up to the roof and talking about their experiences and how much Iori loves her. And that is the end of SUPER MINT. At the end, the President starts to talk about the virus, vaccine, Killer Nightingale, Creeping VI and all that appeared in HONEY MILK.

Good grief that took awhile. So the game doesn’t focus on Killer Nightingale, but rather, the riot between Shibuy and Roppongi. But their whole explanation was very vague and didn’t go into enough detail, so maybe they should work more on that. Also with the true route endings, because to me, they all seem to end suddenly. Please let DARK CHERRY be better *claps hands together*. Anyhow, that’s my review and I’ll be taking a break from reviewing and going to play Hiiro no Kakera now. Wish me luck, because I find the game pretty confusing at some points.

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