Otome Games Musketeer and Hiiro no Kakera Fandisk

I’ve set my eyes on two new games; Musketeer and the Hiiro no Kakera Fandisk. I’ve chosen to buy Musketeer because the artwork is just beautiful and soft as well. The heroine shocked me, because she has a similar hairstyle as one of my characters I drew back in April. My character’s hair might be slightly shorter, but I’ll post up a picture in the end to show you. It’s absolutely shocking. But I might like this heroine, because in one of the demo playthrough, they show a scene where one of the guys (haven’t got to his name yet…stupid French names) tried to scare her with a pumpkin head. Her silence implied to me she was having a ‘wth’ moment…a heroine that doesn’t not get scared easily! Hell yeah! And another scene where she went into another guy’s room (again with the stupid French names…), he called her into the bathroom, where he was taking a bath. She slapped him and ran off. Finally, someone who doesn’t scream when they see this kind of thing. I think the heroine’s pretty though. Really pretty. So yeah, I’ll talk more about this another time.

Next is the Hiiro no Kakera Fandisk. I think the full name is Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayurihime Bimedencho Piece of Future. Damn long name. Let’s just call it Hiiro no Kakera Fandisk now shall we? I know it’s the Fandisk, but I am planning to play its original first, before it. In fact, I’m buying it right now. I making sure it arrives before the Fandisk, so it should come within a week or two, when the Fandisk isn’t released yet. This is the one where you have Fujimori Saya as the heroine. She’s pretty, but she looks pretty frail to me. Hopefully she doesn’t turn out to be useless…Some of you probably already know about Hiiro no Kakera, so I won’t share anything about it. Plus, I only got this version since it seems more modern than the other Hiiro no Kakera, where it seems more traditional. I won’t be buying anymore games right now, cause I think I spent enough for now. I’ll sell whatever games I don’t find entertaining, so if you want a certain game, I might be able to sell it, but it has to depend on if I like it or not.

So here is the heroine of Musketeer and my drawing. Compare. It looks similar right?


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