Final Fantasy XIII-2…Serah’s The Main Character!?

Say WHAT!? If I have read right, Serah Farron, Lightning’s sister, is going to be the main protagonist of FFXIII-2. I don’t know about you, but I am not happy with this. I mean, in the original game, Serah was completely useless and was the whole reason for Lightning and the rest to become l’Cie and fight Orphan. They’re risking their lives to save her, yet she did nothing. She’s pretty, but in terms of character, she’s pretty pathetic. On the bright side though, it’s not just her who’s going to be the main protagonist. There’s another main protagonist and I will admit, he seems like a Nero from Devil May Cry 4 to me. Say hello to Noel Kreiss.

Would he happen to be a distant relative to the Oerbas? I like his sword though. Square Enix must have really thought about the weapon design. At least he isn’t pathetic. I mean, he pretty much saved Serah when she was about to be attacked. Heck, even Lebreau had to save Serah! Somehow, the game doesn’t seem as appealing as it was before. Lightning is still playable, but with Serah being the main character this time, she’ll get more screen time than Lightning and that altogether doesn’t please me. FFType-0 hasn’t updated much, but once more as been updated about the game, then I will share more. Same goes for this and FFVersusXIII too.

5 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII-2…Serah’s The Main Character!?

  1. Seriously? Serah! Ugh. Damnit. Lightning would be the better main character. Are they trying to shoot themselves in the foot? Growl.

    • I know right? I wasn’t too happy either. Lightning’s my favourite character and to see her position being taken over upsets me as well. Serah’s completely useless. Lightning is still playable, but I doubt she’ll get more screentime than usual. Thankfully Noel Kreiss is there, but Serah must not be useless. She was useless in the first game…

      • Lightning’s my favorite character, too, though Snow is a close second. I’m sad he won’t be around (he’d better not be dead!), but we’ll see how it all plays out. Maybe Serah won’t be useless in this one. We can hope!

        And Noel does look like he’s from Oerba. I just want to know how that all works. Because don’t Fang and Vanille wake up eventually, too? Sigh. Now I’m just confused. Lol!

  2. Snow is confirmed to appear in FFXIII-2, but his role at this point in uncertain. Sazh and Hope are returning too, if I heard right. Noel does look like an Oerba doesn’t he? Yeah, I’m hoping for Serah to not be useless, but knowing my luck, it might backfire on me DX

    • Oh thank God Snow’s going to be in there. I was worried for a moment. Yeah, I’m worried it’ll backfire on me, too. >_<

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