BlazBlue? I Think It’s My Most Favourite Fighting Game So Far

I’m serious, I was pretty good with BlazBlue, playing against my brother who is apparent the King of Fighting Games. I’m more skilled at RPG and Otome games, so Fighting games aren’t too appealing to me. BlazBlue’s a fighting game I can excel in, because I ALMOST beat my brother. So yeah, I suggest you try it out, it’s a pretty cool game. I’m skilled with Jin Kisaragi.

Anyways, SUPER MINT is released today and my friend had a little trouble paying for it, because she forgot to pay her credit card bill, again. So it’s been payed for and she almost bought for me a box set on the little Hakuouki Chibi Shinsengumi figures. Wheee! See how nice she is? Can’t wait to get my little figures and SUPER MINT too. Since I haven’t really played any Hakuouki games, I went out and bought myself Hakuouki Reimeiroku, which a new character, Ibuki Ryuusuke, is the one you’re playing. Don’t think this has many romance in it and it is the prequel so I doubt Chizuru will be in it. So anyways, I’ll try the game out, since I’m more used to modern Otome games, than traditional ones, but I’ll give this one a try. I’ll get to Hiiro no Kakera another time.

My BROTHERS CONFLICT manga still haven’t came in and I’m about to tear down my mailbox. Oh well, it’ll come eventually. I just want my magazine on SuGXViViD here right now. My top two bands on the front cover in collaboration. What more can I ask for?

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