MANA-CHAN’S NOTE: HURHURHUR, I forgot to update this post IN AGES. But you can chase after Natsume and Hikaru now. Forget what I said about the two at the bottom. Tata~ ///ROLLS AWAY

Since I realised that I barely commented on the characters, I’ll take this post and tell you my opinions on the characters. The website isn’t updating very fast though, so don’t expect any new information just yet. So there are 13 brothers, but two of 2 out of 13 aren’t chaseable, so you pretty much have 11 guys to to chase after. 6 in Passion Pink and 5 in Brilliant Blue. So I’ll start off with the Passion Pink boys and then move onto the Brilliant Blue boys. The two brothers that are not chaseable, I’ll put later on.


Asahina Tsubaki

I like him actually. His designs are pretty good, but I guess I have this thing for stylish guys. Well, I haven’t heard his voice yet, but he is going to be voiced by Suzumura Keniichi, so Amaha Tsubasa immediately pops into mind. Can’t imagaine Tsubaki being a stuck up rich boy like Ninomiya Yuuto…Since he and Azusa have the most pictures, well, as far as I have known, you’d assume immediately they are the main guys of BROTHERS CONFLICT. Tsubaki for Passion Pink and Azusa for Brilliant Blue, so I’ll you about him later. So yeah, Tsubaki seems pretty cool, he’s got a nice style and his route will be played last once I get my hands on the game. He’s a Seiyuu by the way.

Asahina Masaomi

You know it’s bad enough that we have a ten year old in the whole game, but since this guy won’t make me feel like a pedophile, I’ll let it slide. Plus, with that somewhat drowsy expression and sweets, who can resist something adorable as that? Masaomi’s a pediatrician and he’s going to be voiced by Okitsu Kazuyuki, who also voiced Gyl from the Will-O-Wisp series if you know it and Seiten Taisei from S.Y.K. Curse the fact that I’m only a novice Japanese learner and that I can barely translate anything from the official site. But Masaomi’s a pretty adorable guy. There’s a newest sample CG of him ruffling a kid’s head. So cute. So his route will probably be third. My reason is that I don’t like, but I don’t him either.

Asahina Kaname

I don’t know why, but as soon as I saw this guy, Atobe popped into my head. And to add to that, he is voiced by Suwabe Junichi, who voices Atobe Keigo from Prince of Tennis. Thankfully however, he doesn’t look very arrogant, yet his clothing style is rather…elaborate. He’s a priest/monk and so that explains his clothing style. He doesn’t wear that at home thank goodness. Looks uncomfortable…So anyways, Kaname’s overall design is what I’m a little iffy about. I mean, he could certainly be a host, rather than a monk and well, it just doesn’t suit him. For that, he shall be played second and you will see who will be first very soon.

Asahina Subaru

Where do I start with these kind of guys…? I don’t like his design too much, because it is kind of repeated in the sporty people. But the plus is that he’s voiced by Ono Daisuke, who also voices Snow Villiers from FFXIII, Nine from FFType-0 and Tohzuki Suzuya from Starry Sky. Out of those, it’s probably going  to be Snow’s voice, but we’ll never know until they gave us sample voices. So you can tell just by looking at him that’s he’s a sports teacher of some sort, or at least a sports trainer and usually these type have a short temper. No really, the majority of them do. He’s also very serious too so I don’t see how it’s going to be fun in his route. Maybe the little tsundere moments may amuse me. He does seem tsundere doesn’t he, or am I just being an idiot? So yeah, his route is up first.

Asahina Fuuto

Why the hell is this kid so girly looking? Well, he’s not very girly looking, but to me, he is. He’s an idol (betcha he has a ton of fangirls after him…) so that automatically makes him popular. He’s still girly looking…I’ve come to accept girly looking characters, but the numbers of androgynous characters have been getting higher and higher. But on the other hand, Fuuto is voiced by KENN, who voices Jaden/Judai Yuuki in Yu-Gi-Oh GX. Plus he’s not that much younger than Ema and he won’t sound girly (at least I hope not…). So Fuuto is going be played fourth.

Asahina Yusuke

Thankfully this guy here is decent. He’s Ema’s classmate and can be seen as a tough guy of sort. He’s voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa, who voices Shiraishi Kuranosuke from Prince of Tennis. Ah hell yeah! So anyways, I like the tough guy type, especially when they try to be all tsundere, but when they’re deredere, they’re just adorable. Plus if he has the Shiraishi voice, then that’s going to make me happy. So he’s being played fifth, which is second to last.


Asahina Azusa

Azusa is Tsubaki’s younger twin (but I’m sure those two along with Natsume make a triplet…) and I suppose the main guy for Brilliant Blue. I do like Azusa better than Tsubaki, but that’s only because of the glasses. I like them both equally nonetheless. Azusa is going to be voiced by Toriumi Kousuke, who also voices Sengoku Kiyosumi from Prince of Tennis, Saitou Hajime from Hakuouki, Alfred from Moujuutsukai to Oujisama and if you like Tales of Vesperia, also voices Yuri Lowell. So his route will be played last like Tsubaki’s. Like Tsubaki, he’s a Seiyuu as well.

Asahina Ukyo

Oh good grief…we have a very polite and boring lawyer. Am I happy with this character? Not really…but he does have pretty eyes. Really pretty eyes. That’s probably about it and also the fact that he’s being voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke, who voices Aozora Hayato from Starry Sky, Suguru Oomi from Hiiro no Kakera (which I haven’t gotten the chance to play @_@) and Sakurazawa Kiichirou from Garnet Cradle. I don’t even know if I want to do his route, so I’ll guess I’ll do his route second. If you have not guessed who’s going to be last, I suggest you guess now. One of the next guys may give you a shock.

Asahina Louis

If you think I type wrong, then you’re sadly mistaken. His name is Louis and even the picture above shows it. Girly? Yes. Girly voice? Don’t think so. He is going to be voiced by Takeuchi Ken, who voices Ozawa Kakeru from Gakuen Heaven and Kevin from Black Cat. But even with that voice actor, he doesn’t appeal too much as much as some other guys. Thankfully however, he doesn’t look as girly as Fuuto (I’ll surprise you later though), so he will be played third. Let’s hope he can change my mind on him. He works as a hairdresser in the game.

Asahina Iori

He’s a really good looking character and no I don’t like him because he reminds me of Kirishima Iori. He’s an honour student, so I guess that automatically makes him studious. I got another picture that gave me a shock, because he looked totally different. Only he and Fuuto have a second look so far and that will be shown at the end. Iori is going to be voiced by Namikawa Daisuke, who also voices Ootori Choutarou from Prince of Tennis, Kaido Takato from Clock Zero, Rudo Jesus from TYB and a whole range of others. Not going to name them all. His route is played fourth, which is second to last.

Asahina Wataru

This isn’t a trap, but it might as well freakin’ be! He is only ten years old (possibly eleven as well, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is just a kid) and he is chaseable. YOU WANT ME TO BE A PEDOPHILE!!?? Am I looking forward to this? NO! He’s cute, but there is no way I can see Ema falling in love with a little kid. It’s just not right. Wataru is going to be voiced by Kaji Yuuki, who voices Ace from FFType-o, Hope Estheim from FFXIII and Lucy from TYB and whether I like Kaji Yuuki or not, it doesn’t change my opinion on playing Wataru’s route! His route will be played first, just so the painfulness can be over and done with…I still feel like a pedophile…

Non-chaseable Characters

Asahina Hikaru

Oh good lord…I suppose now they think it’s funny that they added a little kid and then decide to add a transvestite. Seriously, you can’t go after Hikaru, but you can go after the little kid. Why can’t Natsume be chaseable? Because they decided it’d be interesting to add a little kid as a choice. So yeah, Hikaru’s a novelist, but he doesn’t have a route, so I won’t go into too much detail with him. My guess is that he may be a supporting character for Ema.

Asahina Natsume

I’m pretty sure he, Tsubaki and Azusa are a triplet. Come one, they have the same eyes, they’re the same height, born on the same day, Natsume’s being on January 1, have the same blood type and they all have a mole somewhere on them. In Tsubaki’s and Azusa’s case, their hair covers one of their eyes. Why can’t Natsume be chaseable??? I guess they think that they already have the twins in that Natsume can’t be chaseable now. Anyways, he’s a game maker and doesn’t live with the family, for reasons unknown. My guess is you have to get closer to him to get him to open up.

Okay, I before that Fuuto and Iori have a second look. Well, look below;

This is absolutely ridiculous. Fuuto looks more like a guy now. Iori looks really hot. It’s depressing because I want them to use this look in the game. Well, too late now…depressing huh?

26 thoughts on “BROTHERS CONFLICT Characters

  1. OMG oo for some time I have been looking for information about the characters in this game …. Thank you very much for the info …. lol and my favorite characters are the twins Tsubaki and Azusa … are so sexy * ¬ * I can not decide for *….. u.u and since I saw some pictures of Natsume (which is sexy twins * o *) gave me very curious because it looks like twins in many things you mentioned in your description …. I hope you can put more information about this character ………..

    and again thank you very much for the info ^^U

  2. Haha I’m glad you like my info on them. I, too, searched for information on them, but I couldn’t find any, so I had to borrow my friend for a sec to help me. She left as soon as she helped me with one…so I thought, ‘Ah hell, why not?’ and wrote my info on them.

    My favs are the twins too, but I still think they make a triplet along with Natsume. Come on, it’s quite obvious. I’ve been staring at their pictures and realised something…they all look the same. The seriously do. I’m pretty sure I managed to translste something along the lines of ‘Natsume is Tsubaki’s and Azusa’s younger brother; they make a triplet’. So yeah, I still think they’re triplets.

  3. hello thanks for the reply n.n. … if you happen to be triplets etto would be much better * o * xD jajaja ….. if not too much trouble but u / / / u wanted to know if you do not have any information about the manga that came out last year by brothers conflict I’ve been searching and have not found anything about TToTT

    • UWAAAA! Sorry for the late reply! Yeah, anyways, I’m certain that Tsubaki, Azusa and Natsume make a triplet. But that’s cool though. Sucks that Natsume isn’t chaseable and Wataru is…I feel like such a pedophile.

      Anyways, about the manga, I bought my copy from CDJapan, but they still haven’t come in!!!!! Overdue!!! Anyways, the manga I think just shows the life of Ema and how she interacts with her new brothers. I don’t know if there’s an actual plot to it though.

  4. I think Hikaru and Natsume may be included as a secret route? Some games tend to have those. I’d love to see Natsume get a route. (I don’t own a game console coz my dad bans them, so I’m gonna start a year-long saving spree to buy one behind his back. Once I do that, I’ll get myself a copy if I go to Japan may be in 3 to 5 years down the road… If they still have it.)

    I’d like to know what are the triplet’s (Tsubaki, Azusa, Natsume) natural hair colour, especially Tsubaki’s. I’m pretty sure they are either born late at night or past midnight, which explains why their birthdays are different.

    I just bought the first copy of the manga from Kinokuniya, and since I’m still learning Japanese, it’ll take me a while to completely understand the whole thing.

    My favourite character so far is either Azusa or Fuuto, coz I’m a big fan of KENN’s. Ehehe… (Sorry to bother you with such a loooong comment :D)

    • Ah no worries about the long comment. Sorry for not replying earlier, I just have a lot things lately being in my senior year of high school. Sucks that your dad won’t let you buy consoles, because this game is by far very interesting. It has a different play style from other games I’ve played so I’m willing to give it a try.

      I’ve been a little behind on the manga lately, I’ve got the first four copies and I know the fifth is already out, but I haven’t the time to buy it yet. Anyways, good luck in trying to get this copy and hopefully, your dad might allow it to slide this once.

  5. Tsubaki’ voice actor made him very much likeable and more fn to be with. But the the moment i heard him in the event of him giving Ema the new game and trying it out my mouth was left wide open. I realized he was the same voice actor of Hijirikawa Masato from Uta no prince sama!! The serious guy and ….. Wow i was really surprised~ its voice actors magic~ haha~.

    Thank you i wanted to make sure of the voice actor and i enede up here~

    • Sorry for the delayed reply, I was away from home on a camp trip when you commented. No problem, I’ve gotten used to hearing Suzumura Kenichii and his voice does make Tsubaki a very likeable character ^^

  6. what’s actually you meant “chaseable” I thought i’m the only one didn’t get it? would i get your explanation of it?
    how so pitty somekind of this i dun “get it” :/

  7. I haven’t played but I’ve looked up everything I can find about the games. Hikaru has a route in Passion Pink and Natsume has one in Brilliant Blue. Maybe you did the scheduling wrong? I heard that some of the routes are really picky about what stuff you pick for the daily schedule to the point that if you don’t do it right you pretty much miss out completely on your chance to pursue the guy in question.

    • I wrote that post wayyyyyyyyy back when the game hasn’t been released. I even made a little note at the beginning saying I haven’t updated this post in ages but I posted this before Passion Pink’s release an wayyyyyy before Brilliant Blue’s release.

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