My ViViD Orders Got Posters!?

It’s just as the title says, my order on all three types of ViViD「BLUEhave external bonuses on B3 size posters. So I’m going to have three posters of ViViD, which are possibly going to be the same. I might give them to my friend if she she wants it, but that’s only if they’re the same. Or I could use them as covers for my notebooks. I’m happy that I’m going to have a ViViD poster, but I’m not happy about the fact that I might get three. If they’re all different, then yay! If not, then well boo. I’ll post up a picture of the posters when I get them, which will probably be early August, since I’ve combined D=OUT’s 「ROMAN REVOLUTION」with ViViD’s 「BLUE」order. Oh, I also subscribed again for SHOXX magazines, since I haven’t been getting any lately. Plus I missed Alice Nine’s and ViViD’s cover one, so yeah, disappointing. Don’t know if I missed a SuG one though. This time, I’ll be getting 12 SHOXX magazines, so hopefully, there’s a ViViD one in there somewhere. You know, I think ViViD may be at the top of my list now. Sorry SuG, move along for ViViD! My magazine piles are going to get heavy…very heavy. Right now, it’s heavy with 3 Zy magazines, 3 SHOXX magazines and 2 SHOXX Glitter Pop and the Glitter Pop barely weighs anything! I blame the Zy magazines. Oh if you’re wondering, I totally take back what I said in my old blog, SHOXX magazines are better now. So easy to flip through and carry around. Zy magazines, the stupid CD keeps getting in my way. Oh, before I go, I want to show you this picture of Teru of Versailles from his blog. He looks so innocent!

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