Poor Kouki

Sorry about that last post, it was kind rushed after all. Anyways, what do I want to post about? Oh right, I read on Kouki’s blog that his sunglasses broke and he really liked it too.

Aw, poor guy. The brand is a Dior I believe being a person who knows fashion, Dior’s a pretty rad brand of fashion. They’re pretty expensive too. I’d probably wouldn’t be thrilled either to see a brand of clothing and accessory damaged either. Now Kouki’s heartbroken. Seriously, the poor guy really liked the sunglasses. Oh well, hopefully he won’t feel depressed about his sunglasses. His blog is on Ameblo okay? Go ahead and check it if you want, but if you don’t enough Japanese, I’d steer clear away from it. Trust me, even I still can’t get around the site. That’s only because my Japanese suck. Now I better check Ibuki’s post, because he just posted something on his blog. See you later!

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