Exam Number 1

If I told you I survived, then I would be lying. This is my ghost typing away on my laptop. My first set of exams…do I need to go into detail? It was BORING. Now really, I practically fell asleep during our study sessions. I started writing my story, then I was like, “This is boring, I’m gonna draw now”. Then when I started drawing, I was like, “Now this is boring. What do I have to do now?”. I know I should be studying, but I pretty much know everything I needed and thank goodness the exam wasn’t difficult. The only thing I probably struggled with were the short answers, where we practically almost learned nothing in class. Talk about inconsistency.

Anyways, apart from that, my friend bought for me Crazy XOXO, which is the theme song for SUPER MINT. I will admit though, the probably only reason she bought it for me, was because of Kirishima Iori. I do like the song also though, but HONEY MILK’s one grew on me after awhile. I also got a little Character Profile Card of Iori. Number 4’s my favourite and lucky number, so maybe that’s why Iori is number 4.

Aside from that little thing, SUPER MINT is going to be released in 9 days. My friend says she still has to wait for the game to come in and then she’ll send it over to me. Poor her, she forgot to pay her bills again and now she’s working non stop to pay for the bills and the game. Her sister’s helping too, but her sister’s income comes in slower than her income. Her sister gets paid more though…she also needs to buy BROTHERS CONFLICT for me, but if she doesn’t buy it for me, I’ll might be able to buy them for myself. I don’t want to burden her.

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