I Overslept? Wow, That’s New

It’s just as the title says, I overslept. I hardly ever oversleep and usually if I do, it’ll only be for a few minutes. I woke up at TEN this morning, where I would normally get up at eight or nine. Anyways the previous post was of Eight right? It appears as though, like Ace, Nine and Queen, he will be placed together with Sice and King. I wonder if Square Enix has a point for this? Anyways, the team of Sice, King and Eight seems pretty calm actually, contrasting to the team of Ace, Nine and Queen. You should probably know where I’m getting at. Rem and Machina are a separate team of their own.

Oh, I’m taking a long break away from Quizilla now. Don’t expect any new updates anytime soon. I will continue to write fanfics and all, but they won’t be posted as of yet. I’m actually waiting for this game to be fully revealed so I can do a drabble set for them. So what I have been focusing on? My studies and also TOKYOヤマノテBOYS SUPER MINT. Main reason? Kirishima Iori and Kaji Yuuki. I like Iori in general and I love Kaji Yuuki’s voice, especially used for Lucy and Ace. Erik’s voice from Moujuutsukai to Oujisama was fairly good too, perhaps Hope Estheim from FFXIII too. It’s only within two more weeks and a bit more till it’s released. I’ve already figured out what the cover art would be. As expected Iori is the main guy of the game. Which means Jesus will be the main guy in DARK CHERRY, but I’ll leave that for another time. BROTHERS CONFLICT and Amnesia has also been on my mind too actually. Bother games are really hard to find right now on the online store markets actually.

I’ve also been waiting for ViViD’s 「BLUE」release. I actually like their song, but I still think Across the Border, PRECIOUS and Yume Mugen no Kanata sounds better. Who knows, I only heard the preview to it, so I’m waiting for the full song. I’m also waiting for D=OUT’s 「ROMAN REVOLUTION」release. Haven’t got any D=OUT CDs and they are growing on me really fast, so I’m getting this single. I don’t have very many CDs, only because I don’t have the money back then to buy more. I’d usually borrow CDs from my friend, so these two new singles are already ordered and now I just need to wait for the release date. Both in July unfortunately, but I’ve combined both orders to get them both at the same time, when both are released. I think once 「ROMAN REVOLUTION」 is released then 「BLUE」will be placed together. 「BLUE」is released first so yeah.

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