Type-0 Eight Revealed

Another character has been announced and it’s Eight from Type-0. Kind of disappointed that Trey and Seven haven’t been announced yet, but good things comes to those who wait.

To be honest, I actually thought he was going to be another one of those loud and quick tempered guys, but I don’t that’s the case. He sounded very calm and he’s pretty much against killing using weapons, hence why he uses gloves instead. His voice actor is Irino Miyu, who also voices Sora and Vanitas from the KH series. Either he’s going to make Eight happy and adorable like Sora or calm and cool like Vanitas. My bets on Vanitas style. No but Eight’s a pretty adorable guy and I applaud the guy for using his fists rather than weapons. So that basically makes him a monk then. Hope Trey and Seven are going to be next.

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