The CG packs for all three games will be posted here for download. Trust me, all these CGs were really easy to get, you couldn’t missed them even if you only went through the game once with each guy. At least, I didn’t miss them when I went through each guy once [For good, normal, true ending etc].

HONEY MILK CG Pack -> Here

SUPER MINT CG Pack -> Here


Please comment when downloading them. They took forever to taken from the game and put together in a neat bundle.

12 thoughts on “TOKYOヤマノテBOYS CG Packs

    • Your welcome. I enjoyed DARK CHERRY the most too, in terms of characters and story, but in my opinion, SUPER MINT, has the prettiest CGs. I think it’s the lighting and colour scheme they used though. Thank you for giving credit ^^

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