No More Assignments! Plus BROTHERS CONFLICT

Yay! No more assignments for me! The last one has been handed in today and now, I am free. I still need to study for my exam though. Damn. Anyways, there’s nothing really new on the FF series, especially FF Type-0, so I’m taking this chance to talk more about BROTHERS CONFLICT. It IS going to be a PSP port game, so unless you have a PSP, you will not be able to play this. The game caught my attention for the following reasons;

  • Cute artwork
  • Majority of the cast are well designed
  • Great selection of Seiyuus
  • A really pretty heroine
  • Juli the chubby squirrel
I think Juli is pretty chubby and correct me if I’m wrong, but he is a squirrel right? Yes, I said Juli’s a he. Actually, his Katakana spells out Juri, but the translation on the website says Juli, so yeah.
There’s the whole chaseable cast. I will have to say though but why the hell did they decided to add someone young such as Wataru to be chaseable? That’s…just wrong. I can understand Fuuto, because he’s not that much older than Ema (the heroine), but Wataru is freakin’ TEN YEARS OLD!!!! When I get my hands on Brilliant Blue, Wataru is up first so I don’t have to worry about his route later on. I feel like such a pedophile that a young boy is going to be chaseable…
The whole ‘forbidden love’ thing is a little overused, so I’m not too fond with it, however, if they can pull it off in such a different way, then I might consider it better. I’ll be honest though, who wouldn’t want those boys as their brothers? CGs are very cute and I really want to share more about the game, but there isn’t too much information on it. When there is, I’ll talk more about it. So until then, here are some sample CGs from the site.
I think the CG artworks are really nice and cute.

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