No More Timeless Rivers For Me!

Before I start the real post, do you have any freakin’ idea how cold it is over here? We just entered the first day of winter and this is not the winter I was expecting. Rawrgh, I need a scarf and my leather gloves for school. Anyways, enough of that, real post below.

I think after playing Kingdom Hearts II so many times, there is one place where I do not ever want to go again. Timeless River. It’s not so much the place is in black, white and grey, it’s more so those saving Mickey’s place things. I hated the fire place though. Stupid cars keeping on hitting me while I’m down. KHII is still a fun game though and is so much easier than KHI. I think the reason why I liked II better was because Sora sounded more mature and looked more mature as well. In fact, pretty much the whole KH cast looked a lot more mature. They looked really childish in KHI and that’s probably why I didn’t enjoy it as much. KHI was also pretty bland for me, so when they added more action into KHII, I actually found myself paying more attention to it. Still, doesn’t change the fact that Timeless Rivers was a pain in the ass.

Can I if anyone has any information on FFVersusXIII? Square Enix is so busy with FF Type-0 that I don’t know if they released any new information on it.

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