King and Sice

As I said in my previous post, King and Sice have been added into the Final Fantasy Type-0 character profile. It is actually kind of funny that they were announced later than the rest, yet they were recently posted up. I find that quite funny, but also unfair too. Oh well, Square Enix will have to announce the other characters soon, because tomorrow is summer for them and the game is probably going to be released mid summer. Anyways, enough of me talking, here are King and Sice.

I’ll be very honest, but King doesn’t really appeal to me as much as the other guys, but really, when Tomokazu Sugita is playing him, that’s his only saving point. The other would probably be his twin guns, but you know, I wished the guns had more detail put into them. I’m not saying it’s bad or anything, but I do wish it was much more extravagant. His face also scares me, I mean, look at how tough it is! But aside from that, I do hope King is a really good character. According to his profile, he has a tough face, but he has a kind personality. I’ve yet to see any cutscenes from the game though.

I do adore Sice’s design, probably much more than I do with Queen’s and Rem’s designs. I mean, Queen looked elegant and sophisticated, Rem looked sweet and adorable, but here, Sice looks pretty badass. I love her scythe, it certainly reminds me of Marluxia’s Graceful Dahlia. Also, that tattered cloak only further supports how badass looking she is. I’m hoping for some ownage things from her though. She might be my favourite, second to Rem of course.

I’m still waiting for Trey and Seven though. Trey I admit looks really cute and handsome and Seven just looks really cool. I’m hoping they will be the next ones to be revealed.

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