Upcoming Plans for the Holidays

I only have three more weeks of school before our winter break and knowing me, I’ll probably use that opportunity to play more games and read more books, possibly watch some anime too. I am really anticipating SUPER MINT Disc, but hopefully it will be as good as HONEY MILK Disc. HONEY MILK wasn’t a bad game, but I wouldn’t say it was the best. A lot of people say DARK CHERRY will probably be the best. Well, we’ll find out when the game comes out!

I’ve been paying close attention to Final Fantasy Type-0, so I’m hoping they will add more information on it during the holidays. They added two more characters, King and Sice. King kinda scared me, but you know who his voice actor is? Tomokazu Sugita. Tomokazu is pretty well known for voicing the more rough looking or tsundere guys. Sice is really cool looking and I love her voice. It’s not one of those annoying high pitched voices where I can’t stand, but it’s not low either. I’d say her voice is somewhat similar to my rather low voice. My voice isn’t that low though. Type-0 has pretty good selection of male seiyuus actually. Ace voiced by Kaji Yuuki, Nine voiced by Ono Daisuke, Machina voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi (SQUEE) and King voiced by Tomokazu Sugita. Who’s next? Toriumi Kousuke and Midorikawa Hikaru? Suzumura Keniichi? I should probably shut up before it comes true…I should probably tell you something about me. Sometimes I tend to say things that actually end up happening. Like at school, a classmate of mine went up to present his speech and I joked saying the bell might go as soon as he got up the front. And you know what? It did. -.- My friend says I have powers, which is a lie. Getting back on topic, really excited for Type-0. Also looking forward to seeing Trey and Seven too.

I like Otome games, play a few and there are some which I’m hoping to get my hands on. Most of you should have heard about Moujuutsukai to Oujisama right? Well, I only ever played it once and it was my friend’s (she’s Japanese so she has a Japanese PS2). To my luck, there’s a PSP version where I can buy it and play it myself. I’m hoping that Snow Bride will also be remade into a PSP version too. The PSP version is bascially the same as the PS2 version, but there is something you should know. Tiana becomes a cat in the Extra story, if I have not got my facts wrong.

My reaction? I was SQUEEING. Tiana looks so adorable as a cat! I love how the guys are like ‘wth and oh noes! Tiana’s a cat!’ whilst Silvio’s like ‘nyaw, she’s so cute!’. You know, just by looking at this sample CG makes me want the game, NOW. I do love Alfred’s reaction. He looks so cute. They better makes a Snow Bride PSP version -3-.

Another Otome game I want is BROTHERS CONFLICT. I mean, I love the artwork and I do love the characters (although I don’t understand why Wataru is chaseable…). The herione, Ema’s pretty cute and adorable. The only thing I’m hoping is that she isn’t pathetic…you have no idea how many pathetic otome heroines there are out there. I am opposed to incest though, but seeing as how Ema and the brothers aren’t technically related and it’s only a game, I’ll let it slide. I’m still against incest though. I really need to ask though, why are more games being split into different versions? It just irked me to no end seeing the price of BOTH Passion Pink and Brilliant Blue. Honestly, just put all the guys into one game and that will allow me more time to play the game, rather than wasting my money and my friend’s money on two copies, which may possibly have the same storyline. Other than that though, game seems pretty interesting and I’m currently waiting for my manga on it to come in.

And yet another Otome game, but this one looks very interesting. Artwork; beautiful, music; lovely, chaseable guys; all good looking, heroine; pretty and cute, gameplay; standard VN and parameters >.<. WHAT!? You got to be kidding me. There are parameters in this game. I HATE parameters. I had enough thanks to TMGS series thank you. But aside from that, I do think the game is very interesting. Amnesia, I’m not sure if that’s going to make the heroine any different from the more pathetic ones, but let’s hope she’s like a Tiana or Nadeshiko. Maybe not so much Nadeshiko, but be a Tiana at least. Nadeshiko is probably not as gentler than Tiana and the heroine in Amnesia does look kinda frail and gentle. It is set to release in August 18, so I’m hoping to get myself a copy too. Has to be good or I’ll be disappointed.

Anyways, there are more things, but they are far from being released, so I’ll share those another time. Oh yeah, if you have not checked my BROTHERS CONFLICT artwork, check deviantart under my username; alchemy5mage. I’m hoping for some constructive feedback on the drawings. Thank you!

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