What Have I Been Doing During My Internet Failure?

I’ve pretty much been working on my assignments for school and thankfully, I only have two left to go. That means I may be able to complete all those otome games I’ve been procrastinating on and also finish off FFVIII. Goodness, it takes so long. And it didn’t help that PSN was still down until not long ago. My only other option for Internet access was just me messaging my friend about things I needed to catch up on. Thankfully, we have offline email, so it didn’t require the use of the Internet.

You know what’s so odd at my school? Most people in my class are much more loud and confident than I am, yet when it came to our oral presentations, I was about the ONLY one who volunteered to go up first. Hey, better to get it over and done with than to wait for your turn when you’re not expecting it. Also, while offline from the internet, I made the effort to draw some of the BROTHERS CONFLICT characters, WITHOUT using griding. I’ll post them up on my deviantart page. My devianart page is under the same name as the blog. Don’t expect a lot of drawings though. I never have the proper time to get a good artwork published.

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