Apologies To All

I really deserve to explain why I haven’t been updating in a week actually. My Internet was extremely slow, so it felt forever to start it up. I just spent my time working on my assignments and other things, like Otome Games. I do have other games I have added to my list, so I’m hoping to either buy it from my CDJapan account or ask my friend if she can buy it for me. I also want to try Shadow of the Colossus. I don’t care how hard it looks, I really want to try, since I’m always up for a challenge. Hopefully one of the guys at my school can find his copy and let me borrow it. He’ll give it to me when he finds it. Another game I wish to buy is BROTHERS CONFLICT. I love the artwork and I also like the heroine’s design. Ema actually looks really pretty and well designed. I just only hope that she isn’t pathetic. I like the twins, Tsubaki and Azusa too. So there you go, I’ll try and update as fast as I can. It just depends on how long my Internet can hold up.

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