Machina Kunagiri and Rem Tokimiya

The two finally have their individual CGs. I gotta say, Square Enix are really good with their CGs. They’ve really improved in their digital art since it looks so much more realistic.

Here’s Machina’s CG art. I gotta admit, he looks pretty cool and hot. He’s probably the second pixelated character to make me go dokidoki, Iori being the first. However, they’d have to be really good looking and great voices for that to happen and both Machina and Iori have managed to do that. I hope that no other characters does that to me…

Rem looks totally different here. She actually looks pretty serious, rather than sweet and innocent in the other picture. I don’t know, but for some reason, she reminds me of this person. I guess that’s only because of their similar appearances, I mean, Ashe is pretty different from Rem, in terms of personality. Not too different though, they both are pretty morale and loyal.

There are 5 other CGs, for their FMV, and the characters with their second CGs are Ace, Nine, Queen, Machina and Rem. I wonder when they’ll announced the rest of Class Zero? It’s getting pretty close to Summer in Japan.

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