Alright, here’s the review on TOKYOヤマノテBOYS HONEY MILK Disc I finished this within a week, so I’m pretty proud of myself, since I usually leave Otome games until later. To be honest, this is probably the first Otome game where I made sure to pay attention to everything and not skip dialogues (I did skip for those parts I’ve seen before though). I will admit though, after playing this, I really wish that SUPER MINT and DARK CHERRY were released now. Anyways, review below, beware though, it is quite long.

My Opinion: I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this guy, other than a love royale tournament. I was really surprised about the Murderer, since I wasn’t really too sure why he was there in the first place. Well, obviously if he was there, naturally, there had to be a reason why and I found that out later on in the game. Gameplay is pretty much like a standard visual novel, however, Skinshipping had been added to the game. It’s not the one similar to TMGS series where if you poke them in the wrong place, you lose points, rather, you gain points. It’s also easy to know if you have skinshipped correctly or picked the correct choices, as you hear a chime SFX and some flowers appearing from the guy. So it’s really easy and I’d say it’s more for beginners really. I do love the music in the game. It really does suit the game, although, it annoyed me to no end everytime my volume goes down to 1 leaf, where I’m pretty sure I had it up to 5 or 6. I’m not sure if this happens to everyone else, but it certainly happened to me. The game itself has some pretty nice twists to it. I love unexpected things, especially if I hadn’t been spoiled. I do recommend this game, if you don’t know which otome to start. It’s really basic, but the storyline is clear and there are some cute moments. However, there are some scenes that I think are rushed or they were added in at the last minute. This is mostly in Ayumu’s route, but, I did notice this in the other routes too.


At the beginning of the game, they had to narrow the nine boys down to three, so it was a battle to see the three finalists (we all know who they are anyway ohoho). The first one was the Romantic Battle set between Moroboshi Tetsu, Lucy and Ninomiya Yuuto. I loved how Tetsu was like, ‘Wha? Romantic? Crap, I don’t know what to do now!’. Yuuto gave him some advice, but I’m certain it was an advice to make the prince win, hence the evil face he made. I cracked up when I saw that face.

That face is so lolworthy. Anyways, Tetsu didn’t make it, so Lucy was next. Once again, Yuuto gave him an advice and Lucy took it. He started to sing a song, none fitting to the theme so he was out too. In the end, Yuuto won with his romantic dancing (you little scheming jerk). Next was the ‘Kyunkyun’ theme and I’m guessing it needed to be cute? Anyways, the chosen contestants were Kujo Takumi, Rudo Jesus and Momose Ayumu. Takumi’s performance wasn’t exactly kyunkyun so he was out. Jesus scared poor Chihiro since he couldn’t care less about the theme. I don’t find him scary to be honest. Trust me, I’ve seen scarier things. Ayumu’s confession was so cute and adorable, that he made it through. Duh, who else? Lastly, it was the ‘Sexy/Dokidoki’ theme. The chosen contestants were Kirishima Iori, Hamada Shinnosuke and Misaki Kotarou. Kirishima’s confession was definitely dokidoki. Okay, I’ll be very honest here, I was definitely in dokidoki mode when he confessed and he is definitely the first pixelated character to make me go dokidoki. No seriously, NO pixelated can make me go dokidoki, except Iori. Anyways, getting back on topic, whilst Iori’s confession was dokidoki, we all know who’s going to win anyways. Shinnosuke was next and why was I not surprised when he asked to get naked in bed? Yeah, I have no objections with Chihiro calling him a hentai, but he is a funny character though. Besides, I thought this game was an all ages game? Kotarou won the battle because he accidentally tripped and he and Chihiro fell to the ground together. I guess that was all he needed for her to go dokidoki, since I can’t really see Kotarou being sexy actually.

With that, Yuuto, Ayumu and Kotarou make it to the finals. You know, I wonder if SUPER MINT and DARK CHERRY will have different themes when their games come out? I’ll be really interested to see that, although, I am hoping for new themes, since I want them to be at least different from eachother.

Day 1 – Tomashien

The first day is a group date to a theme park called Tomashien. Depending on who you’re after, you can either pick to go via the limousine or train. Both ways are pretty entertaining to watch. When you arrive at the park, Yuuto reserved the whole park for just them ( ̄□ ̄;). Damn rich people…Oh and this is where the Murderer first shows up, if you’re not prepared, well, then you’re in for a fright.

He doesn’t scare me really, he just gave me a fright because I wasn’t expecting him to show up so soon. If you’re not prepared like me, then you might get a fright, but since I gave you a heads up, you should be ready for him to show up. Back to the group, well, they decided to go into the pool. Chihiro here says she doesn’t have a swimsuit and Yuuto said that he already has that taken care of. Now I really question Yuuto’s preparation and why he had already prepared a swimsuit for her. Oddly creepy if you ask me. You get to pick your choices again and you will slide down the water slide with the guy of your choice. Out of all the guys, I do like Yuuto’s water slide ride the most. It had me go lol the most. After that, you can either skinship Yuuto or Ayumu or neither to go with Kotarou. After hanging out with one of the guys, you then picked your guy again. That pretty must repeats for two more days.

Day 2 – Harajuku

As you head off to Yamanote Dome, you are stopped by Yuuto’s fangirl, Kitano Marin. She’s pretty damn pissed that you get to be with her ‘Nino-sama’ and not her. The creepy thing is that she believes she is his fiancée. What have you been daydreaming about woman? When you retort that Yuuto isn’t hers, she calls out her wrestling ace friend, Mikiya. Oh noes, what are you going to do? Wait, wait, it’s Kirishima Iori to the rescue!

Watch the scene on my youtube account: Kirishima Iori To The Rescue. You know, for a wrestling ace, one punch from Iori knocked him out. Fail ace. Anyways, Iori explains that the eliminated TYB guys have been assigned to guard the princess, up until the end of the tournament. I had been tempted to go for Iori, but since his game isn’t out yet, I’m forced to sit there and watch him go. You meet up with the boys and told them about what happened when they ask why Iori was with you. After explaining a few things to them, you then head off to Harajuku. This time, you have the chance to go Yuuto’s jet, at least, I think it’s a jet or the bus. Depending on which you choose, you raise some love points with a certain guy.

They then have a little fashion show and you get to pick who you think had the best fashion sense. Honestly, I didn’t really mind, although, I did prefer Ayumu’s fashion sense. You might either agree or disagree when you get to that scene. Afterwards, you get to choose who you want to hang out with. I won’t go into detail with each one though. Like Day 1, at the end, you choose the guy you want.

Day 3 – Asakusa

The final for the group date, before you go with the guy with the highest love points. This morning as you wake up, Kujo Takumi is waiting for you, so he can escort you to Yamanote Dome. Hey, they weren’t kidding when they said they were guarding the princess. Anyways, when you get to Yamanote Dome, a high school girl is being attacked by none other than the Murderer. Ayumu rushes in to save the girl and the Murderer then sees Chihiro. He tries to attack her, but he is injured and captured before he could hurt her. The only wound she got from the Murderer, was a cut to her hand. With that aside, the group continued on their group date and unbeknownst to them, the President had an evil gleam in his eyes. That’s when I started to get wary of him.

Alright, when you get to Asakusa, Chihiro’s wound had already healed. Strange huh? Well, that’s going to be vital to the main storyplot later on. Once again, you pick who you want to be with, after you met with Moroboshi Tetsu and his monkey, Hemingway of course. Again, it’s just the same towards the end of the day.

From this point onwards, Chihiro will automatically go to the guy with the highest love point for their date. I don’t know what happens if the guys’ love points are equal and I don’t know if you can get their love points equal.

Misaki Kotarou

I know I probably have already said this, but I really don’t like ‘Baka’ type characters, however, I was happy I played Kotarou first. His route brought a smile to my face and made me laugh a few times, so it really encouraged me to finish off the game. He does speak pretty fast, well to me anyways, so I had to keep the volume up to hear what he was saying, not that he didn’t have a loud voice…

Compared to Ayumu and Yuuto, Kotarou doesn’t seem to have many fans, in fact, I’m not too sure he has any at all. The poor guy and Yuuto keeps on making fun of him to, so that didn’t help the Ikebukuro nanpa. Also, out of the three, I think he seems to appreciate Chihiro the most, seeing as though he didn’t bother dressing her up in the most expensive and gorgeous dress (Yuuto…), saying that Chihiro is what’s more important. Aww, never really expected him to say something like that. So while you’re on his good and normal route, it’s pretty sweet and funny love between Chihiro and Kotarou. They don’t have their fights and Kotarou often makes fun of Chihiro, who scolds him. I do adore Kotarou and really, he almost changed my view on the ‘Baka’ characters. I said, almost, cause he really hasn’t changed my mind completely.

However, once you get on the true route, things start to get pretty hectic. One on of your dates, Day 5 I’m certain, you see black crows and there he is again, the Murderer. Just then, as soon he appeared, Chihiro found a heart mark on her arm, just as she and Kotarou tried to run away. Upon her discovery, Chihiro realises that she can hear voices and see visions. People were screaming and crying for her to stop torturing, on the which Chihiro had no idea what they mean. Because it was painful for her, Chihiro begged Kotarou to go on without her, since Killer Nightingale (you know what, I’m just going to call the Murderer by his name) is starting to get closer to them. It kinda reminds me of horror films actually. Anyways, Kotarou refuses to go on without her and because his love for her is so strong, the virus inside him activates and the same heart mark appears on him. At that moment, Yuuto arrives (jeez man, what took you so long?) and brings them to safety. After long explanation on the virus produced by Chihiro and the vaccine is Killer Nightingale, Chihiro feels that she rather die and end the suffering for all the people in Japan. Kotarou says she shouldn’t give her life away and tries to find the cure for her. And the cure is from Killer Nightingale, his blood. Chihiro must drink his blood to destroying Creeping VI inside of her. (Why does that suddenly remind me of vampires?)

I’ll just get to the point, Kotarou kills Killer Nightingale and lets Chihiro drink the blood, BY KISSING HER. Did not expect that. I don’t think I’ll ever think of blood the same way ever again. Anyways, after that, Chihiro and Kotarou becomes a couple, he bought her a ring with his own money and promises to buy a more expensive ring when they’re older. They kiss and route ends for Kotarou.

His route was really lolworthy and sweet. For the first route I played in HONEY MILK, I’m actually quite glad I did. His humour encouraged me to keep playing the game. The only negative thing about Kotarou is his loud voice… it just bothered me, because it was loud. His route took the longest, obviously cause he was first and I didn’t need to skip any scenes, since I’ve never seen them before.

Momose Ayumu

After finishing off Kotarou’s route, I knew what to expect in Ayumu’s and Yuuto’s route. Naturally, I went with Ayumu next. I think he’s cute and adorable but…he’s wayy prettier than me and makes me dumbfounded, for he is a guy. Anyways, Ayumu is actually pretty manly. He can fight, seeing as though he practically dashed in to save that high school girl. He also seems to care a lot for Chihiro, seeing as he worries for her, everytime Kotarou almost bumps into her or she got hurt from Killer Nightingale.

I always thought that Ayumu would be similar to Erik from Moujuutsukai to Oujisama and in way, he sort of is, save for that slyness and evilness Erik’s got. Ayumu’s pretty lovable as a character, well, if you adore cute and sweet characters that is. While Ayumu doesn’t fight with either Kotarou and Yuuto, he can be quite commanding sometimes. Well, what I mean by that is that when he’s serious, Kotarou even knows not to mess around. It’s pretty fun that one scene where Ayumu got so mad at Kotarou, that he made this evil face, similar to Yuuto actually.

His good and normal route was pretty peaceful and sweet, but pretty dull, so this might disappoint those who want more fun and action. However, if you wish to have a peaceful route, then Ayumu’s good and normal route will do the job just fine. You play with Ayumu and the elderly folks of Sugamo on your first date with him, star in MOMOMAGO with Ayumu and have a date at the shrine with him. Nothing too rowdy. Once you get to the true route though, it’s no longer going to be peaceful. So whilst on the true route, the lady that serves dango, her shop is being demolished for a new shopping store. The person who allowed her shop to be demolished, was none other than Momose Susumu, Ayumu’s older brother (screw you man! screw you for making the lady’s life miserable!). Needless to say, Ayumu was pretty darn pissed and went off to say a few things to his brother. His brother merely retorted that Ayumu is still young and naive, therefore, he doesn’t know the true meaning of life and is only living in his own fantasies (yet another screw you man!). Ayumu was upset and ran out of the house, with Chihiro following him. Man, if I were Ayumu, I would have slapped or kicked his brother where it hurts the most. Ayumu ended up crying and asking what should he do now? After those harsh words from his brother, the poor boy had no idea how to go his life. Chihiro encouraged him to follow his dream and heart, no matter what people say. That touched Ayumu and what do you know, the heart mark appears on Chihiro yet again. And once again, Yuuto comes to save the two, before Killer Nightingale could hurt the two (Ayumu was about to attack Killer Nightingale anyways). After explanation of the same things again, Chihiro hears Mai’s pained voice and is determined to destroy the Creeping VI inside of her. Ayumu accompanies her and the two get ready to fight Killer Nightingale. Some elderly friends of Ayumu helped too, so in the end, Ayumu got Chihiro to drink the blood and the girl passed out from exhaustion, but the funny thing was that Ayumu thought she was dead. Pretty much that’s it, epilogue shows Ayumu and Chihiro kissing and some elderly people wooting them on.

Ayumu as I said before is a sweet character, but his route was pretty dull. I’m fine with something peaceful after Kotarou’s route, but I felt it was too peaceful. Not counting the true route of course. Also, some scenes did seem pretty rushed and did lacked some things. What really irked me was that final scene before the ending, where they immediately cut it off after Ayumu’s cry, made it seem like Chihiro was actually dead. That’s what got me, but other than that, a pretty peaceful, but dull route overall.

Ninomiya Yuuto

Well after a slightly disappointing route with Ayumu, it’s now Yuuto’s turn. To be honest, I was a little hesitant in leaving him till last, since I’m not too sure how his route will turn out. I will admit though, I did like his route a bit better than Ayumu’s but there were so much drama and it was quite predictable really. Funny thing is that he used to be in a tie for 1st place with Iori, but after playing his route, Iori is now at the top of the list and then Jesus is next. Where does Yuuto hang now? In 3rd place. This is for my character ranking of course.

Yuuto is basically the prince character of the game. He’s got money, he’s got looks and he’s got good grades. He’s very much into winning his tournament. Really, I didn’t really like him too much because he’s seem to be more focused on wasting his money for various presents for Chihiro, who actually doesn’t care for all those gifts, since she wants to know Yuuto better. Yuuto, being a thick headed idiot he is, doesn’t get that and constantly buys her gifts (-1 point).

In the good and normal route, Yuuto ends up taking Chihiro to a fancy and expensive restaurant, which she necessarily didn’t enjoy, because Yuuto seemed more in impressing her with expensive things rather than getting to know her better (-1 point). His second date consisted him of taking her to a grand garden and at night, he shows her a castle and some fireworks for her (+2 for fireworks, -1 for giving the castle to her). Chihiro here then says she doesn’t need all these gifts and says she only wants to know him better. Yuuto only retorts saying that he does this all for her and she should be his, but Chihiro only says she wants to him, not all these gifts. Needless to say, Yuuto didn’t take it so well and tells her that what she says is nonsense and leaves with his men. (-3 POINTS!). Chihiro had to walk back home alone in the night, poor girl. Anyways, the next day, she waits for Yuuto to come, but he doesn’t instead, his men came to tell her that Yuuto didn’t want to see anyone and they wondered if she could knock some sense into him. Chihiro agrees and when she arrives, Yuuto isn’t all that pleased to see her. Things were pretty calm at first, but when Chihiro called him a baka, he got pissed and started yelling at her (-2 POINTS!). In the end though, he realises that Chihiro is right and they have a normal date, nothing to extravagant. They have a date at the park and Chihiro teaches him how to use a vending machine and he ACTUALLY SMILES! Not the confident sly smile, but a REAL smile! (+5 points!) He enjoyed the date and so did Chihiro. Once again, on the seventh day, you pick the guy and you get the ending.

Now then, the true route. On the fifth day, Chihiro notices those black crows and suddenly, Killer Nightingale appears (Gee, I wonder who didn’t know that was coming…). Yuuto tried to hurt him with some Ninomiya Zaibatsu army guns, but they have no effect on the murderer. Once again, Chihiro gets the heart mark again and this time, Sato, one of Yuuto’s men, takes them both away to safety. In both Kotarou’s and Ayumu’s route, Yuuto did the explaining, but this time, his men, Sato, Suzuki and Tanaka did the explaning. After that, Chihiro gets a phonecall from her friend Hina and that makes her all the more determined to face Killer Nightingale. Yuuto caught her trying to sneak away and says he’s not letting her get herself killed and then the heart mark appeared on him too. He decided to broadcast a footage via the internet saying that he has caught the virus and that he doesn’t want to get Chihiro killed, because she is precious to him. After that Chihiro and Yuuto walked over to where Killer Nightingale would appear and waited. You know, I thought that since his video was broadcasted to the internet, shouldn’t the rest of  TYB come to help? And you know what? They did! ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ Needless to say, I was pretty much gapping in surprise when the guys showed up and Chihiro’s friends, save Mai, too. So after Yuuto stabbed Killer Nightingale, he did the same thing as Kotarou and kissed Chihiro, so she drinks the blood from his mouth. Why doesn’t Ayumu have that!? After that, Creeping VI is destroyed and you get the ending with Yuuto, where he pins Chihiro to the wall and kisses her.

Overall, I had mixed feelings about Yuuto. One moment, he’s an asshole, the next, he’s a lovable idiot. But his route had so much drama, I didn’t know if I could take it. Also, I was more on Chihiro side for most of his routes, so yeah. But he is a lovable idiot, when he’s not an asshole.

And that concludes TOKYOヤマノテBOYS HONEY MILK Disc. Man, I really enjoyed it and I recommend you try it too. I actually like Chihiro as a character, but her designs seemed rushed and lazy to me, that I question if they put any effort in at all to create the protagonist? She’s a pretty smart and strong character, a good character compared to other otome games I play. I really want to play SUPER MINT now. Give me more Iori rawrgh! So yeah, I do recommend you try the game, since it’s an adorable game and really easy to. It’s a pretty good relaxing  game.

2 thoughts on “TOKYOヤマノテBOYS HONEY MILK Disc Review

    • You have to play through the love and good route (either both or just the love route) first before you can actually access the true route. There will be an option, usually on the 5th day where you can choose to stick with the love/good route or start the true route. The dialogue is usually new and doesn’t continue the love/good route. There are only two options to pick on the 5th day and you don’t need to follow a certain chain of options to get true route. Play love and good route first though.

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