Well, so far, I really enjoy the game. I’m quite slow at this game so my review may take awhile. Maybe when I completed all the boys’ routes, I might try and see if there’s an All Character ending. I do adore the game and I’m really happy that my friend took the effort (and money) to buy it for me. I stuck with my ‘TOKYOヤマノテBOYS‘ post and went with Misaki Kotarou first. If you want my opinion of him, you’ll have to wait for the review on HONEY MILK. It’s actually pretty easy to understand, even with a novice Japanese learner like me. I truly recommend you try it and even if the art style doesn’t suit your taste, I do recommend you try the game, it’s really fun. So far, I’m almost done with Misaki Kotarou. The only reason why it took so long is because I have school and it kinda cuts in with my Otome gaming time. With the long weekend coming up, I might finish Momose Ayumu. Oh and sorry for not updating lately, the internet had failed on me again…let’s hope that doesn’t happen any time soon.

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