My Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd Story Guide

Okay, first of all, I DID NOT buy the guide. A parcel was in the mail yesterday, I opened it and there it was, the TMGS3 guide. I swear, it must be my friend again…I will thank her though, it does prove to be very useful. Although, it’s kinda weird how I have the game for over six months and have it close to finished, when the guide comes in. Well, I guess I kinda needed it for a certain secret character. NOT going to say who it is though. I think my friend should stop wasting her money on me. I hope she was thinking before buying this for me though. Well then, if you would like to see the guide, you might want to check ‘My Little Otaku Corner’ page sometime. It’s not going to be on today, so sorry about that, but I will show it to you once I have the time.

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