Final Fantasy Type-0 Characters So Far

I’ve already done my impression on the overall game, but I’ve noticed I barely reviewed my initial review on the characters. Ugh, sorry for that, so here, this will be a post to make up for it. Oh just to let you know, my initial character review will be centered. On the actual review, it will obviously be similar to the other reviews I did.


Ace so far is my favourite. He just seems different from the other protagonist, like he’s a mixture of Cloud, Tidus and others. According to his description he’s a mature boy, but while being serious, he can be reckless. Seems like a Cloud and Tidus mixture to me. I seem to notice a hint of Squall and Lightning in there too. As I said in my other post, the main reason why he caught my attention is his interesting use of weapon, cards. Let’s see, I don’t think I noticed another FF character that uses cards as their weapon. That’s why Ace caught my attention. I’ve seen him during the trailers and he’s pretty cool actually. Is there anything to improve him? Not really, his personality’s fine to me. I like the two contradicting traits in his personality, so I’ll be interested to see how he interacts with the Type-0 storyline. And since he’s got the most screen time, I’m assuming he’s the main main protagonist?


As a side note, what is up with some of these names? Are they supposed to have any meaning? Anyways, the naming is quite weird in this game, but there must be a reason right? Getting back on topic, Nine’s a Dragoon. Basically, he wields spears in the game. Part of the reason I say he is a Dragoon is because of that, but also because he uses Jump, a move only used by Dragoons in the FF series. But you know, Nine’s a pretty awesome character. I think that these impulsive and brash characters are the usually the more adorable ones. When I first saw Nine, I will admit that Prompto appeared in my mind. Are they somehow related? I don’t know haha. As I said before Nine’s an awesome character and like Ace, I’m looking forward to playing him in the game.


Queen is another awesome character. She’s intelligent, has a strong sense of justice and get this, she sometimes says cruel and ownage things to her allies. Hell yeah! Yes, I know, it’s mean to be cruel to your allies, but hey, who says you have to be all dainty and sweet? I’m probably similar in a way to Queen so that’s a reason why I said she’s an awesome character. The other is the fact that she uses swords/sabers in battle. Similar to Ashe from FFXII actually. I’ve noticed during the trailer, her movement was actually pretty fast, so I’d say her battle style is somewhat similar to Tidus in a way. It’s also kind of similar to Firion’s too, who wields the same type of swords she does. I’d assume then she’s a knight type class? Oh well, she wields swords, that’s all you need to know. Still, I’m very much interested to see her interact with the story. I have this feeling she might end up slapping Nine for being an idiot sometime during the game.

Machina and Rem

Oh goodness, these two do not have an individual render portrait yet, so I’m forced to use this one. Just to let you know, Machina’s the guy and Rem’s the girl. There isn’t much known about these two, other than the fact that they both narrated the trailer, so I’d assume straight away they are vital characters in the game. According to what I read, Machina, despite having a fear of war (don’t worry man, I’m against war too), fights in it. That’s pretty noble and courageous of Machina. He uses a screw-shaped rapier as his weapon (my brother got the wrong idea…don’t make me explain why and don’t post it in the comment…I will delete it if you do.). I think Machina’s a pretty admirable character. Also, I like how he wears his cape, makes him looks more cool and elegant. Now then, Rem. OMG she is sooo cute and adorable! According to notes, she is a kind and honest, as I would expect from something that looks as sweet as her. The first picture I saw of them, didn’t show much, other than their face, so when I got the wallpaper, I pretty kept it in my Square Enix Folder. It’s a really beautifully rendered wallpaper, despite the war theme going on in the game. Rem uses a pair of dual daggers, much like Zidane actually. I think Rem’s going to be a really sweet character, much like Yuna. But we shall see once the game is released.

High expectations for this game and their characters. I’m hoping to be able to learn more about the game plot, because right now, all I know is the fact that the Military armies want the four crystals from the nations. I want to see how the characters from Class Zero have great impact to the story, especially Machina and Rem. So yeah, I’ll be keeping my eye on this game.

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