Final Fantasy Type-0 Impressions

Ooh, I take back what I said in my ‘Upcoming Games List‘ post. I looked at the website and it was prettiful! I know I said I wasn’t too interesting in this game, but I should kick myself for ever saying such a thing. The scenery was beautiful, before it was put through war of course. There are a LOT of characters too, I already have some favourites.

The game is set in a world called Oriens and it’s divided into four nations. Hm, I’m guessing each nation is at war with another? Anyways, the school which the game is mostly set at, is under attack by someone by the name of Cid (Is he the antagonist?), who had already attacked two other nation and is now heading for the main nation of the game. Oh noes! What are we going to do!? Oh wait, the Class Zero is going to defend the school and fight off the military troops.

There are fourteen main playable characters in the game, if I hadn’t got my facts wrong. So far, five of those are official or they actually have a CG render, meaning they are definitely the main ones. Definite playables are Ace, Nine, Queen, Rem and Machina. The other seven have yet to be officially announced and out of the seven, four of those have not been named or detailed. All the characters have different play styles from eachother, so you’re going to need to experiment a few times to fully master a certain character’s skills.

I don’t know about you, but so far, I like Ace, if you don’t count Rem and Machina as officially part of Class Zero. Nine and Queen are pretty good too actually. So I’m kinda glad they had been officially announced first. The reason why Ace is my favourite, is because he has a weapon that I have not seen so far in all of the FF series. He uses CARDS! So he got my interest as soon as I heard his weapon. I mean, yeah Nine is cool with his spear and so is Queen with her sword, but you know, I just need a little change. Ace for the win! Oh, I like Machina and Rem too. I think those two are my favourites, being tied with Ace that is. I can’t wait to see the other characters though. I don’t know if I’m going to change my mind, but let’s see when the other characters are officially announced.

Battle style I heard is kind of similar to FFX-2 and Crisis Core. But to me, it kinda looks more like a KH and Last Remnant battle system actually. The battle commands depend on the button they are on (KH) and once you’ve taken out the leader of the unit or battle, you win (The Last Remnant). However, I do notice a hint of FFX-2 in the game, mainly because it was fast and active, just how FFX-2 is. I heard that it’s going to be played in story-based, so it’s like you pick a character and play that story. Now why does that sound familiar? So yeah, the only I’m hoping that the storylines are slightly different from eachother. I don’t want repeated storylines, but we’ll see when more is being told about the game.

I just have the feeling that the battle system might change, the more they work on this game. Of course, that’s how it usually is with most games. I don’t know how simple this game is, but I have noticed that Square Enix games have been getting more and more difficult as games start to come out. Square Enix is really good with that. They’re really good at making difficult games. I just hope this doesn’t turn out too difficult, or I’ll leave it for a few days (in my book, a few days is a few months haha). So far, I like the Seiyuu cast. I only hope that their English voice actors don’t turn out to be a fail. I’ve had my share of bad English dubs. I liked to know other people’s opinion on this game too. I recommend you look at the website, before making an assumption. It looks a more interesting than meets the eye.

So my overall opinion, while it’s still not as good compared to FFVersusXIII, I will admit it does seem interesting. If you like to play different characters all the time, then I would suggest you try this game. The battle system’s a little on the fast side, but if you a master at that, then this is for game for you. But I am mostly interested in the storyline and how Rem and Machina interact with the overall story. Oh, below is a picture of Machina and Rem. Can you guess why I like them?

Alright, my expectations are very high for this game. Don’t let me down okay? Don’t turn into a fail game. I’ve had enough with those. Anyways, I expect a lot of good things from this game and once it’s released, I’m off to get me a copy!

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