My First Day Back at School??

You want to know about my first day back at school? I think you rather not. It was really boring, going through our exam marks. Thankfully, I passed all of them so far, so I was satisfied. That maths exam was quite difficult though. I swear, it was glaring at me going, “You are going to fail”. I really had the urge to cut it up, but I’m pretty sure I would have failed if I did. I only have like two more to be handed back if I’m not mistaken, but I’m not thrilled to get another mark back. It’s getting really bothersome having the teachers go through it.

Apart from that crap, there’s nothing really new for me. I’m just awaiting the release of HONEY MILK, which is tomorrow actually. Oh and my friend flew in from Japan sometime last week. She looked terrible, like she was pale and she didn’t look like she had enough sleep or rest. She must be helping around her home country, since they did have a tsunami and earthquake there. Currently, she’s at her home resting and her sister’s still back in Japan, helping with the charity work there. My friend didn’t come on her own, she came with her cousin. They are here to relax from the devastation in their home country, on request of my friend’s sister. They really do deserve it, but I think my friend’s sister should take a break too. I might go over to have a talk with them and just make them feel relaxed.

I’m really excited for HONEY MILK since I really want to try it. I hope some kind soul will be willing to put up a download so I can play it. As I said before, if I download it, I will give you credit. My friend’s here now, so she can’t exactly go out and buy it for me, so I have to get it myself. Downloads are a big thank you, but I might be able to find an online shop that sells it. I have to keep looking though.

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