Upcoming Reviews

Okay, so I haven’t been reviewing much lately, but I will probably have FFIX’s character review up by the end of the week. After that, I will be forced to remember my experiences in FFVIII and FFVII since they took quite awhile, compared to the previous games. But I might do other games that took less time and might do them at the same time, depending on if I have time or not.

The order shall be:

  • FFIX
  • [Another Game]
  • [Another Game]
  • FFVI
  • FFV
  • FFIV
  • FFII
  • FFI

From that point onwards, the rest of the reviews will be other Square Enix titles I have not reviewed. It will take awhile, because you don’t know how hard I have to wrack my brain to remember some things. But I promise they will be up, later in the year if they must take awhile. They will go up though and once I’m done with Square Enix games, I’ll try to review other games I play.

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