I got school tomorrow. Damn it, why can’t holidays be longer? Ugh…I will continue updating on this blog as much as I can. Also, I can’t seem to publish my stories on Quizilla for some reason, so those oneshot prizes have been pushed back a little. I promise I will get them up and set for my contest winners. It’s way overdue now and I’m not going to postpone it any longer. After that, I will be taking a long hiatus from Quizilla, to work on my novel. Now then, is anyone else’s PSN acting up? I can’t seem to access it for some reason…oh well, I don’t mind at this point, but if I can’t connect up soon, I won’t be able to get those DLC outfits and redeem Cecil’s one too.

Because this post has absolutely nothing to do with my actual blog itself, since it’s just a notice to let you guys know, I’ll show you the pictures on the TOKYOヤマノテBOYS official website. It took me awhile to save them, since it’s a flash type website and you can’t necessarily right click and save. Anyways, credits goes to Rejet.

My favourite? LUCY’S! Figure out the reason yourself. I swear, that expression reminds me of my original character. I think Yuuto looks kind of innocent in his individual photo, which is kind of weird, considering how forward he is in the video examples…

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