The 3rd Birthday – Almost Finished

Wheee~ I’m almost finished with my 3rd Birthday game! If any of you know the Parasite Eve series, then 3rd Birthday is the third installment to the series. I will admit that I’m not a fan of horror type games, but I will accept 3rd Birthday for it is a Square Enix game. I enjoy playing it and I will say that some cutscenes made me freak out a little, which I won’t share so I won’t spoil it for anyone who wants to play this or have not finished. The enemies/bosses are kind of unexpected too actually. So yeah, this game puts me on edge for most of the time. I think Aya’s a pretty good character, but a little hesitant in what she does. If you played the game, you should know what I mean. So far, I’m on Chapter 5 and I think there’s one more chapter before I finish. But each mission takes a long time, because I’m a failure when it comes to shooting games. Seriously, I think I have gotten almost always my back up team killed, because I’m such a bad leader.

But yeah, I do recommend you try The 3rd Birthday if you like shooting and don’t mind blood, long missions and love unexpected storylines. If you are not good against blood (like me…why am I playing this game in the first place then?), then I’d steer clear away from this in the games store. Other than that, great game and I’m hoping to review it when I’m done.

That’s a wallpaper by the way. Go ahead, take it. It’s from the official website anyways.

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