So yeah, I was just looking through my emails, when I got a mail from a friend of mine, who NEVERS sends me mails. >.< It was a new Otome game coming out this year, called, “TOKYOヤマノテBOYS” (Tokyo Yamanote Boys). Being the curious person I am, I went to check out the site and TADA I am now excited for the game! It’s going to be released in three different sets; HONEY MILK (what the frack?), SUPER MINT, DARK CHERRY. Much similar to the Starry Sky series. Okay seriously, what kind of team name is ‘Honey Milk’? And what’s up with the food team names and overuse of capital letters. -.- Besides that, I thought the game is interesting and I’m a sucker for Otome games anyways, so *shrugs* might as well ask my friend to order a copy for me. Below are just my initial opinion of the eligible bachelors of the game. Remember, until the games are released, I’ll just state my initial view on them and post a new opinion when I’ve gone through the game. HONEY MILK is the first to be released in April.


Ninomiya Yuuto

To be honest, I’m not too sure how I feel about this guy. I have a soft spot for some princely types and all, but he doesn’t seem to be the prince type of character I like (nevertheless, I have him as my banner picture anways XD). But, you know, out of the HONEY MILK bunch, I have to say he’s my favourite. I mean, I like Ayumu too, but, Yuuto seems a bit more manly to me. I rather not have a feminine boyfriend XD I would play Yuuto last no doubt. I like to play the characters I like last, so I can enjoy the game.

Misaki Kotarou

Kotarou isn’t a character I’m looking very forward too. The more hot blooded and “Baka” type guys kind of put me off. Whether or not Kotarou is a “Baka” or not, we’ll see when the game comes out. Apart from that, he seems pretty friendly and seems to add humour into the game. I’ll like him for that since there are some otome games where I just go, ‘You are so boring. Add some humour people!’. I’d probably play Kotarou’s route first, since I like Ayumu and Yuuto better.

Momose Ayumu

Aww, he’s so cute!~ And doubt no prettier than me. Dammit why is it that boys look prettier than girls when they’re being feminine? He seems like such a sweetie and kind hearted too, and I’m a sucker for these types. Also, he doesn’t make feel bad for being short, since he is only slightly taller than me. But I don’t really like that hairstyle or colour really. Yes, he’s pretty, but I think it’s making him too girly. Even his voice is pretty feminine. I swear, at least one person will mistake him for a girl. His route is obviously going to be second, for even more obvious reasons.


Kirishima Iori

Haha, my type of guy. He’s got the look, the style and the personality I like. Although, he does seem a little flirty and really, I don’t really like flirty guy types. I mean, I don’t mind if they flirt to an extent, but intensive and annoying constant flirting is too much in my book. I still like Iori though and he’s possibly my most favourite out of the other boys too. By the way, he’s also my favourite number XD Guess what route I’ll be playing him? If you said last you are correct! He’s going last!


Another pretty boy? DAMN! Why are you boys putting me down!? Seriously, Lucy is pretty enough to be a girl, if his name doesn’t say otherwise. He even has his own fans who looks like him…I don’t know whether to be amazed or just really creeped out by that fact. Anyways, Lucy seems like a pretty nice guy, but he also seems kinda bland too. I don’t know if that’s true, but he does seem interesting. He’s going to be second to be played in SUPER MINT. Oh his heels kind of make go, ‘HOW THE HELL CAN YOU WALK IN THOSE!?’

Kujo Takumi

Like Kotarou, Takumi doesn’t interest all that much. He looks much more bland than Lucy actually. Although, these type of guys always usually have the best reactions. Whether this is true or not is beyond me. He freakishly tall too. STOP MAKING ME FEEL SO INFERIOR MANNN. So yeah, he’s going first and we’ll see if he contradicts my opinion of him or not.


Rudo Jesus

Am I the only one who thinks the katakana contradicts his name? Or is that actually how ‘Jesus’ is written in katakana? To me, the katakana reads, ‘Iesu’, but I don’t know whether it’s true or not. Out of the DARK CHERRY bunch, he seems the most interesting and the fact that he looks like the typical rebel made me like him. So Jesus is going to be the last to be played and I’ll see if he’s interesting or not.

Moroboshi Tetsu

To me, he looks like the nicest and friendliest person in DARK CHERRY. He seems playful too. I mean, he doesn’t appeal to me as much as Jesus did, but he does seem interesting for being slightly different in his game. I’m quite interested in trying his route actually. His route is going to be second in the game.

Hamada Shinnosuke

Me thinks he is a narcissist. Doesn’t he look like one? Or is it just me? Sure he may seem nice…but, I don’t know, I don’t trust guys that looks like a narcissist or appears to like his appearance. They can be quite stuck up and so yeah. I’m not too sure about Shinnosuke, but we’ll see when I get the game. His route will be up first.

So overall, I’m quite excited for this release since I haven’t had any new otome games in awhile. It’d be nice to try out a new company too and experience their games. So yeah, I’m having high hopes for this game.

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