Square Enix Survey

This is just something my friend emailed to me today. I thought it was fun and you’re welcome to do it too.

  1. Best Graphics: Final Fantasy XIII and soon to be Final Fantasy Versus XIII
  2. Best Storyline: Final Fantasy VII
  3. Best Music: Final Fantasy X
  4. Best Battle System: Final Fantasy X – Conditional Turn-Based
  5. Worst Graphics: Final Fantasy V (since it has no remake) and possibly Final Fantasy VI too
  6. Worst Storyline: Final Fantasy IX (it was all over the place to me)
  7. Worst Music: Final Fantasy XI and Infinite Undiscovery
  8. Worst Battle System: Final Fantasy XII – Active Dimension Battle
  9. Good use of Characters: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
  10. Bad use of Characters: Final Fantasy II
  11. Easiest Game: Kingdom Hearts II
  12. Hardest Game: Final Fantasy XIII
  13. Quickest Game to Finish: Kingdom Hearts II
  14. Longest Game to Finish: Kingdom Hearts (Pfft, not even finished FFXIII)
  15. Should have a Sequel: The Last Remnant
  16. Should not have a Sequel: Infinite Undiscovery
  17. Caused a Headache: Star Ocean The Last Hope
  18. Soothed the Mind: Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
  19. Never Play Again: Final Fantasy XIII
  20. Play Over Again: Final Fantasy X
  21. Want: Crystal Defenders
  22. Don’t Want: Final Fantasy XIV
  23. Love: Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
  24. Hate: Final Fantasy XII
  25. Best Game Ever: Final Fantasy X
I think X is my best game since it’s the first ever game I got and I love it to death! Don’t tell me FFVII is the best, because I like FFX better! It’s got story and music! The music won me over and I’m not afraid to say that FFX has the best music. There is not one single music I hate in FFX.

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