Upcoming Games List

About FFIX Character Reviews, I’m not going to be able to do that very soon, since I’ll be needing to refresh my memories on the game. I’d say about in two weeks time I might be able to post them up. In the meantime, it’s just a long wait for me to go through the game once more.

There are a few games coming up that I would like to get my hands on, since I’ve been bored or finished some games already. I don’t know how much money I have in my wallet (possibly none since mother keeps taking them…>.>), but hopefully I have enough to at least buy them slowly one at a time.

1. Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection [22/4/2011]

I’m only getting it because it has Cecil’s DLC outfit for Dissidia 012 and also because I don’t have FFIV The After Years. To be honest, I don’t really care at all for FFIV since I pretty much know it. I might replay it again for the graphics though. I might get bored of it since I’m playing a storyline that I’ve heard over and over again.

2. Kago no Naka no Alicis [22/4/2011]

It’s the second made by icingcandy. I enjoyed Bloody Call some I’m expecting an improvement to this game. However, it all seems a little girly too me at first glance and I have tried the trial and yeah, it’s princess themed. It’s very bright, but I love the artwork. It’s not as awesome compared to Bloody Call, but I like it nonetheless. I just wish the heroine, Sumaragi Runa was a bit more strong and better like Hijiri Futaba, but I guess it would be boring with the same character huh? Other than that, high expectations for this game.

3. Final Fantasy Versus XIII [??/??/2011-2012]

I have no idea when it’s coming out, but I can say it will be either late this year or early next year. Part of the reason why I want this game is because it’s a Square Enix game (duh) and also because it’s a mixture of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. Since I liked FFXIII, I’m hoping this game is also good too. The main character seems really cool. He reminds me of Cloud, Squall and Lightning really. Yeah, definitely anticipating this game.

4. Final Fantasy Type-0 [??/??/2011]

Eh, I’m not really too excited for this game, but since it’s a Square Enix game, I’m planning on buying it anyways. I mean, yeah I like the story plot so far, but the battle systems a little off to me. It’s similar to FFX-2, but to be honest, I really suck at that type of battle system, since I’m never fast enough to pick my commands. I need to think before using an attack. But I’ll be honest, the graphics look really beautiful and also with the characters, they are all so different. My favourite is Ace so far though. Nine kinda reminds me of Prompto (the blonde in Versus XIII) and Tidus.

5. Final Fantasy XIII-2 [??/??/2011]

They’re all pretty much Square Enix games on the list XD. But I’m definitely anticipating this game here. More Lightning yes! It’s the second sequel made from a main FF series. I thought Lightning’s features have become slightly more gentle in this game and her eyes look a bit bigger too. It made her look innocent to me, but really, this is Lightning we’re talking about. And the new villain…why do I get the feeling I might not like this guy? It IS a guy right? Overall, can’t wait for it!

6. Starry Sky After Series

I decided not to split the games or add a picture. I need to get After Spring and After Summer since I haven’t been able to get my hands on them. I’m awaiting Autumn and Winter too. I enjoyed the Starry Sky series, some I really want to try out the After Series. I love the artworks and really, I just love the Starry Sky series in general.

That’s pretty much my list so far. I probably might update it, but it depends if the game is eye catching to me, or if it’s a Square Enix game cause I’ll be there! XD

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Games List

  1. Hi!
    I’m anticipating Kago no naka no Alicis too, that’s how I found your blog. It’s awesome and I love your FF theme. I’m surprised I found another otome game blog! *o* Oh, and I’m waiting for FFv13 and FF13-2 too 🙂 *Has been waiting forever for Versus…*

    • Haha, thanks. I’m a huge supporter of the Final Fantasy series. Yeah, I’m especially excited with the Fabula Nova Crystallis FFXIII games. I won’t be starting review on otome games yet, but I will when my Japanese gets better and I replay through the ones I have finished. It’s hard to find Kago no Naka no Alicis actually and I don’t have the money to order one. Damn >.> Thanks for taking the time to read my blog ^^

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