My Dissidia 012 Limited Edition

I forgot to do this on my other post, but there’s harm in doing it here right? I live in Australia, so we got the European Limited Edition set. I really love it, but you can’t see the rip on the box art (which my mum ruined -.-) in the photos. Either way, great limited edition, I really would like a little more like some soundtracks and a PSP case to put the PSP in, but what I got was decent enough.

Yeah, I have JDownloader on. My friend placed it on and she won’t allow me to close it. In fact, if I do, she would put more games and take up more of my bandwith. >.> Other than that, my Dissidia 012 Boxart and lithograph prints were great. I also got a 50% voucher off for Final Fantasy I on PSP and a voucher for Squall’s and Tifa’s DLC outfit.

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