Dissidia Final Fantasy 012

Does anyone like the Final Fantasy series or even heard of them? I really like those series, but really, I like any Square Enix games. Usually, I’d check the games before actually buying them, but with Square Enix games, I just buy them. XD I really like Square Enix, but sometimes, their games can be a little repeated. Other than that, Square Enix games are awesome!


So I got the sequel to the first Dissidia game and let me tell you, it’s still fun. There are a few negative things about it though. The gaming style is still the same, even with the Assist Gauge and EX Revenge. I don’t really think those two made any differences to the battle style, other than helping you out of tight situations. New characters were a bonus though. I was really excited for Lightning especially XD She’s my favourite female character out of the Final Fantasy series, Tifa being the second. I kinda wished they added in Cid Raines to oppose Lightning though >.> He would have been a good Chaos Warrior.

When it came to the Story Mode, I didn’t mind the 12th Cycle Mode, where you play as the new characters, because the stories were different from the first game. However, once you finished those storylines, you unlock the 13th Cycle Mode, which is the EXACT same story mode as the first game. I was pretty much like, “What!? I’m playing Dissidia over again!” Needless to say, they added in Shade Impulse too and I don’t even want to know if they added Inward Chaos or not. That would have been the most disappointing part of the game, repeated storylines. Although, the reports kind of cheered me up a little, because they showed cutscenes that weren’t part of the main storyline.

Some of the new outfits impressed me, others…not so much. I’ll be honest though, the majority of them I was happy with, there were a few that disappointed me though. My brothers’ may not agree with me, but then again, they don’t really know how to review things so they wouldn’t get it. Alright, I took these pictures with my camera and since camera and console screens don’t go well together, I tried a few times until I thought the photos were decent.

Negative Costumes:

Do I really need to go into detail? I mean, all he really gets is a colour change, the whole outfit is pretty much the same! These are the things that disappoint me. If the characters’ outfits don’t change, it gets really boring. Seriously, he could wear a pink bunny suit and that would make me happier!

Much better improvement than Kuja’s, but to be honest, I really don’t think this suits the Emperor. I really prefer his original look to this one, but since it’s different compared to the last two, I allowed it to slide. For now anyways.

Pretty much the same as Kuja, there is no difference apart from the colour scheme. I guess it makes sense since she doesn’t really wear clothes, but Square Enix could at least put more effort into some of these outfits.

Cloud, I still like you, but your outfit disappoints me. It’s slightly different, yes, but I look at it and I go, “That’s not enough.” I still would use his Advent Children costume rather than this one. It’s nice, but, really, it’s lacking that drastic change from his original outfit.

Good grief Sephiroth, do you not have any fashion sense!? Seriously, I am really disappointed with this outfit, much more than the four above. There is nothing different here, other than his damn hair and shoulder pads! Worst outfit in my opinion. It’s like Square Enix didn’t  put any effort into his clothing at all. Although it’d be weird for Sephiroth to wear something else, at least it’s better than to see repeated outfits. Oh, his DLC outfit is going to be his Kingdom Hearts outfit. Major letdown there DX

Positive Costumes:

I don’t really like Exdeath, but really, I have to give him a thumbs up for having a different costume. In the first game, all he had was a colour change, so this was a major improvement. Also, it’s nice to see him taking off that armour to see an entirely different person (but he’s a tree…).

Haa, love these outfits. They seriously fit Cecil well and even though they have the same concept, I could see how different it is from the first two outfits. These actually suit him quite well.

Have I ever said how much I love Square Enix? Well I love them so much for adding in this outfit! It really makes Yuna pretty, even though Seymour was partially the reason why the dress was created in the first place. Great outfit and it definitely is a difference from her usual summoner outfit.

Seriously, I really got to give Square Enix lots of love for this outfit, because it is my favourite outfit for Vaan! I love his other ones too, but this outfit definitely suits Vaan more to me. I guess he is a sky pirate XD.

Music was great in the game. It was music from Final Fantasy I to XIII and new ones suited to Dissdia. I can’t really fault it, because the soundtrack is kind of a crossover between games.

Would I recommend this game? If you have not bought the first Dissdia, then I suggest you buy this one, but it is a bit more harder, since the EX Gauge won’t fill up as quickly and the critical damage percentage has been decreased. Not for those inexperienced in this game. Oh and when you first get this game, DO NOT say to the moogle “I’m a Master,” because believe me, what came up afterwards would probably be the impossible boss to defeat when you first start the game. Other than that, I definitely encourage you to try this game out. It’s fun and you can how the characters interact with eachother.

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